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Cloud Based Document Management
Part I. Introduction

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July 15, 2013 by Stephen Young Comments Off on Cloud Based Document Management
Part I. Introduction

With so many organizations embracing a hosted strategy for their business applications, it’s not uncommon for us to hear questions about the viability of document management in the cloud. The question is not without its merits as documents and content management present unique challenges in an off premise environment. This is especially true when working with scanned images given their file size and the resources required to process them.

A hosted environment is no different than working with images over a Wide Area Network (WAN). When you think about it, the cloud is really nothing more than a very large WAN where your application server resides in one location and your users in another. It would have the same constraints as a centralized data center in Dallas that gives its users in New York, San Francisco and London access to its systems.

With this in mind, you should carefully examine certain aspects of your application to determine whether you are better off with a traditional on premise implementation or if you can work efficiently in a distributed environment like the cloud.

In this blog series we will look at four key areas for consideration:

1Where to Host your Cloud Application

2Choosing your Way to Connect

3The Limitations Presented by File Size

4Critical Design Considerations

We will also explore various routes for implementing your cloud based document management system in a way that will optimize cost, performance and the end user experience.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post: Where to Host your Cloud Connection.


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