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Business Process Management


square 9's business process management solution

Keep business moving throughout the entire lifecycle of a document.


GlobalAction is the solution for document centric workflow automation that enables users to map their document activities, from data capture to document archival for end-to-end process visibility.

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Via an easy to use web-based platform, users can simply drag and drop Process Nodes on to the design template to establish a beginning and end for each decision or action within a workflow.


Now that a workflow is designed, Queues can also be created for sub-processes specific to individual users and security parameters, enforcing compliance and set guidelines for what a user can see or do.


By linking these Nodes with connecting points, a document path is created, generating a workflow process that enables users to visualize the document lifecycle from start to finish.


With a built in dashboard view of the process queues, visibility into transactional activity is instantaneous, adding business intelligence through management reports on your document driven processes.


GlobalAction features a fully web-based design platform that can be viewed in any web browser and accessed from both PC and Mac devices. This provides greater visualization of the entire process, no matter where you are, making it easy to create, troubleshoot, or revise your business workflows.


Features and Benefits

Web-Based Designer

A graphical presentation of the process from start to finish makes it easy to create, troubleshoot, or revise a workflow activity. This expanded process palette provides visualization on a web-based canvas.

Web Forms

Administrators can insert a web form Node into their workflow, sending a link to an eForm, where users can seamlessly enter information. A PDF record of the completed form is documented as part of the project’s history.

Schedule Notifications

A process can be set up to send email notification reminders to a user once a day, once an hour, or once a minute between workflow actions.


Individual elements that compose the user’s specific workflow structure are called Nodes. Select the Node you need and drag it onto the Design Canvas to create your flow of information.

Properties & Security

Workflow properties have security features that allow you to choose which users can access a specific process or queue within a workflow.

On Demand Localization

With anywhere, anytime access, you can instantly switch from English to a number of world languages including German, French, Spanish, and more.


Design an end-to-end visual representation of your business processes, from the very basic to the most complex. 

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