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GlobalCapture EIP

Xerox Equipment Integration


Utilize the full capabilities of your EIP-enabled Xerox device by automating document flow directly from your MFP touchscreen.

Streamline the flow of business information in your office by triggering document processes directly from your Xerox MFP device. The user-friendly interface of GlobalCapture EIP provides users with the tools to automate image capture and distribution directly from the touch panel of your EIP enabled Xerox device. With unlimited capture capabilities and no limitation on the number of devices, GlobalCapture EIP becomes the solution for filing all your documents directly into SmartSearch or alternatively dropped into a network directory. The powerful platform makes initiating workflows simple with just a few clicks on your MFP touchscreen.


GlobalCapture EIP is a simple yet powerful solution for streamlining capture workflow activities and making them accessible from the touch panel of your Xerox EIP-enabled multifunctional printer. With GlobalCapture EIP anyone with access to the MFP can initiate a workflow that captures images, extracts high value data and notifies users of a pending workflow activity.

With GlobalCapture EIP advanced features such as image enhancement, document separation, barcode recognition, approval routing and email notifications are at your fingertips. Through its dynamic integration with SmartSearch, GlobalCapture EIP provides a real-time capture solution that improves collaboration while sharing document information with other business applications. The result is an office environment that’s less complicated, more efficient, and more profitable.

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Simplify everyday office tasks by:

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  • Create highly efficient GlobalCapture workflows that start at the touch panel of your EIP enabled device.
  • Enjoy unlimited capture automation from your EIP enabled equipment with no limitation on the number of devices connected.
  • Optimize batch-scanning jobs with document separation through OCR, Barcode, Blank Page or Page Count.
  • Enhance poor quality images with the ability to De-skew, De-speckle and Auto Crop captured documents as they are being captured.
  • Extract data from documents with barcoded zones and leverage the information to name or index records automatically.
  • Route and release documents directly to a SmartSearch Inbox, Archive or to a network directory. GlobalCapture EIP even provides the flexibility to release to multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Use OCR based templates to extract high value data from images to automate your indexing processes or to share with other business applications.
  • Automatically convert TIF or PDF based image files into searchable PDF/A files when scanned from your Xerox EIP enabled MFP.



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