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Square 9 Softworks Introduces GlobalSearch App for Apple’s iPad

Hot on the heels of the SmartSearch 3.1 release, Square 9 Softworks shakes up office automation again with its GlobalSearch-powered app for Apple’s iPad

NEW HAVEN, CONN., March 21, 2011 — Square 9 Softworks, a leading developer of innovative, business-centric software solutions, announced today the introduction of its new Square 9 GlobalSearch App for the Apple® iPad™.

Offering mobile convenience and efficiency for users of SmartSearch, the company’s award-winning document management solution, the new app is more than just a Web page viewed through Apple’s iPad. The Square 9 GlobalSearch App is a native iOS app which allows users to run remote searches for documents stored within SmartSearch, filter the Archives to be searched, print and e-mail records and even perform user-initiated workflow actions like document approvals. The new app also features a convenient hyperlink capability.

“The Square 9 GlobalSearch App for Apple’s popular iPad extends the power of SmartSearch to mobile platforms,” said Stephen Young, president and CEO of Square 9 Softworks. “We are witnessing a steadily growing mobile workforce that is relying increasingly on tablets and touch-screen technology to conduct their day-to-day business. Now, with the Square 9 GlobalSearch App, our user community can rapidly locate and act on information within SmartSearch whenever and wherever they choose.”

At the heart of the Square 9 GlobalSearch App is GlobalSearch, a technology that lets users run quick and easy “Google-like” searches for documents. It allows users to search for records across an entire database or only on select Archives to limit results. Regardless of what is selected, the app can look across an entire SmartSearch database at high speed with the results categorized by Archive. Square 9 Softworks will introduce GlobalSearch into its core product offering later in 2011.

Built on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, Global Search gives users the immediate, fluid interface experience provided by most other iOS apps. Global Search users can use gestures such as swipe, pinch and reverse pinch to manipulate documents, and they can switch documents from portrait to landscape mode by rotating the iPad in three dimensions.

Square 9 Softworks will be presenting the Square 9 GlobalSearch App at the ITEX National Expo and Conference in Washington, DC from March 22nd through 23rd. Members of the media and the general public are invited to visit Square 9 Softworks at ITEX booth #638.

The Square 9 GlobalSearch App will join the more than 300,000 other iOS apps in the Apple App store in April as a free download available to members of the Square 9 Softworks community who are using the SmartSearch Web XChange option.

The SmartSearch Content Management Suite is a feature-rich solution suite that organizations of all sizes use to manage their documents electronically, driving efficiency and productivity across all business processes. Built for content management on the .NET platform using an open architecture design, SmartSearch is a scalable, value-driven solution that is easy to use, learn and support. From small businesses to the Fortune 500, organizations that rely on document-intensive processes use SmartSearch to manage documents electronically and streamline their workflow as they eliminate inefficient paper-based filing systems.

For further information about the SmartSearch Content Management Suite, contact Square 9 Softworks at (203) 789-0889 or visit www.square-9.com.

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