GlobalSearch: File XChange

Develop and Collaborate in a Secure, Centralized Database

File XChange integrates with the Windows file system to provide a more collaborative environment for people working with content.

Features & Benefits

Deliver direct integration between GlobalSearch and your Windows file system allowing you to work with live content, like Microsoft Office documents, more efficiently and collaboratively.


There’s no need to open GlobalSearch to save or access content. With File XChange you can access your content from Windows Explorer or directly from your content authoring application.


Use File XChange with any application including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe and more to save content directly into GlobalSearch, maintaining its native format and ensuring compatibility.


File XChange doesn’t require users to change the way they work. Content is created and saved in the same way as it always has, delivered in its native application for easy editing.


File XChange comes included with every GlobalSearch installation at no additional cost. With its direct integration into the Windows File system, there is no need for Microsoft Office Add Ons or custom development.

How it Works

With File XChange, GlobalSearch databases show up as drives in your Windows directory structure. Your documents are completely secure and accurately classified using the assigned GlobalSearch permissions and indexing structure.

  • Save

    Save a new document using the standard “Save As” feature and selecting a GlobalSearch directory from Windows. GlobalSearch will prompt you to complete the associated index fields for filing the document away so it can be located with ease going forward.

  • Index

    Add documents to the GlobalSearch database simply by dragging and dropping a record to the correct folder in Windows. GlobalSearch will prompt you to complete the associated index data for filing the document away.

  • Search

    Search for records by right clicking on a GlobalSearch directory in Windows where you can select and run searches based on your security permissions.

  • Open

    Open the record in its native application using any locally installed program like Microsoft Word or Excel. File XChange is format agnostic and will open any record regardless of type provided you have the proper permissions.

  • Collaborate

    All of your favorite document collaboration tools are available including MS Word Change Tracking, Markups, and Document Comparisons. Access is available to anyone with the proper permissions as your documents remain secure and available in a single centrally managed repository.

  • Retain

    Save changes easily using your native software applications and they’ll be automatically saved to GlobalSearch. If GlobalSearch revision control is enabled, a new version is created on the fly for automated change tracking.