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Variable Data Printing


Optimize the production and distribution of your transactional documents
with automated archival to SmartSearch 


With PlanetPress and SmartSearch, customers gain complete
control over their IT systems

PlanetPress connects to any existing host server, ERP or Financial application in to generate reports and produce stylized documents with total flexibility; all without the need for complex programming or consultation fees. Data from any source can be merged and filtered resulting in the creation of ready-to-distribute documents which can be sent by email, fax or hard copy while automatically filing a copy to SmartSearch.



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PlanetPress features the ability to dynamically create bar codes and OMR marks so that documents requiring approval and return can be scanned effortlessly into SmartSearch while matching them to the original transaction. The combination of SmartSearch and PlanetPress facilitates even the most complex workflow processes allowing your documents to flow like never before.

Square 9 PlanetPress workflow

Various output formats are also available making it possible to automatically publish documents to the web and SmartSearch while automating their distribution in the format preferred by recipients; electronically or not. Document layouts can be modified at will and printing can be done using simple white cut-sheet paper eliminating the need for pre-printed forms.


Modular Design to Fit Your Needs

PlanetPress Design

PlanetPress Design allows you to create variable content documents from
scratch or repurpose and enhance existing business documents. You can
create documents for every need from a simple mail merge to complex
multi-part business forms. All documents created with PlanetPress
Design can have built-in conditions and rules to dynamically add
barcodes, graphics & logos, page numbers, targeted marketing messages
or envelope inserter controls, all based on the information found in the
data or the original formatted document.

PlanetPress Imaging

PlanetPress Imaging allows users to generate PDF, TIFF, JPG, VDX,
PDF/X, PDF/A and AutoStore versions of variable content documents to
automatically archive, email and fax them. It also generates an index file
for the location and retrieval of specific pages of the job with PlanetPress
Search or into your SmartSearch Document Management (EDM)

Square 9 PlanetPress logo


PlanetPress Printer Licenses

The printer centric mode of printing occurs when a variable content
document template resides on the printer’s hard drive and is merged
at high speed with incoming host data at the point of print. Printer
centric processing may often be the most efficient way to print variable
documents since the merging of data with the document template
occurs on the printer itself, reducing print file size and making use of the
full power of the printer’s engine, resulting in minimal use of bandwidth
and maximum print performance. It’s the ideal solution for high-volume
production printing or for distributed printing on a wide network.

Key Advantages


  • Stop relying on costly pre-printed stationery
  • Reduce mail costs by limiting the number of pages printed
  • Eliminate human error and reduce labor costs
  • Automate invoicing and speed up payment
  • No changes necessary to your existing systems
  • User friendly graphical interface



Square 9 PlanetPress design interface          Square 9 PlanetPress raw data workplace statement          Square 9 PlanetPress data selection attributes          Square 9 PlanetPress data selection

Technical Details

PlanetPress Suite 7 - Minimum Configuration
  • Pentium 4 Class CPU
  • 1 GB of available RAM
  • 5 GB Free Hard Drive storage space
  • 1024×768 16bit Color Graphics Adaptor
  • Windows 2000 SP4

PlanetPress Suite 7 - Recommended Configuration

  • Dual/Quad Core Pentium Class CPU
  • 8 GB of available RAM
  • 20 GB Free Hard Drive storage space
  • 1600×1200 32bit Color Graphics Adaptor
  • Dual Monitors
  • Windows 7 / Server 2008 / Server 2012

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 2000 SP4 (Except for PlanetPress Capture ICR feature)
  • Windows XP / Server 2003
  • Windows Vista / Server 2008
  • Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2

Image Storage Requirements

Single page black and white documents average 40K in size and single page color documents can be over 300K. Note that when dealing with color, always test with sample images to determine actual file sizes.

Example: A customer scanning 1,000 single page invoices per week will need approximately 2 Gigabytes of disk space to handle 1 years’ worth of scanning.
1,000 pages * 52 weeks = 52,000 pages * 40K per page = 2,080,000 / 1,024 = 2,031 MB / 1,024 = 1.98 GB

Important Note on Hardware Requirements

PlanetPress can be installed on an existing SmartSearch server, or a separate server. PlanetPress runs independent of SmartSearch and requires additional hardware resources.

These requirements shouldn’t be taken at face value on all occasions, while in many cases the requirements above are more enough, they may be barely able to keep up in a demanding implementation, if your deployment is of any of the below scenarios, its recommended you contact Square 9 for a more tailored recommendation:

  1. Creating Text searchable PDFs of documents of 100+ pages
  2. Significant amount of barcode recognition, Zonal OCR or image processing
  3. Remote offices or users in remote locations
  4. Large amount of capture scenarios and processes


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