Document Capture Automation: Scanning Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

According to AIIM research, 43% of respondents say removal of paper from processes should be a constant objective. So why not start where paper processes meet digital efficiency – at the scanner. Whether you’re scanning from a multifunctional printer or a production scanner, having a universal point of entry for documents makes solving common business… Read More

Windows File System Integration Makes ECM Software Better

According to a recent AIIM webinar, 61% of workers operate in environments where there is no connection between their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform and other business programs. In addition, AIIM found that 80% of a business’s content per quarter, is not accessible through their existing ECM system. But it simply doesn’t have to be… Read More

ECM Integration: Information Chaos into Information Opportunity

Organizations today are drowning in a sea of content and information. Having immediate access to operational data is not only expected, but it is required to run business efficiently. It’s important to find an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that can streamline the processing of documents and their content, through advanced integration capabilities.

Maximize Your ECM Investment With Premier Education in Capture

Knowledge is power – and when investing in capture automation software you can never get enough. The right software solutions partner will provide premier capture automation training through a variety of educational classes, designed with the end user in mind. From technical capture workflow courses to basic administrative overviews, these educational offerings are available online… Read More

3 Must-Know Benefits of Integrating ECM with QuickBooks®

Virtually every company relies on selling. Whether products or services – and sometimes both – purchase payments are the lifeblood that keeps business pumping. But what is often overlooked is how important back-end activities are to business growth and success. Accounting departments oversee purchasing responsibilities, and without efficient, accurate bookkeeping, business would not survive. If… Read More

Benefits Beyond Software: How to Choose the Right ECM Partner

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, 76% of business executives invest in IT solutions, like Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, with the mindset of increasing revenue. While the software itself will give any company advantages in productivity and cost-savings, in order to fully experience the benefits of ECM software, users will have to invest time into training and… Read More

The Right Solutions Partner Gives You an Advantage

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, document management is without question one of the top considerations for business growth. But the real question is which document management partner is the right one for you? When looking for a document management solutions partner that will open the door to new opportunities, there are three must-have qualities… Read More

When an Electronic File Cabinet Just Isn’t Enough

Every organization deals with paperwork, which is constantly slowing down the flow of business information and productivity. We all know that by implementing document management software, companies can become paperless by scanning, storing and retrieving documents for streamlined processing. Unfortunately, for some organizations, a simple document management storage and retrieval solution just isn’t enough. While… Read More

How To Make Your Website A Lead Generating Machine

Any good marketer knows optimizing a website isn’t easy – it requires resources, time and planning. But managing a well-designed website can gain the attention of wider audiences, ultimately bringing more qualified leads to your business. The key to website optimization is understanding how to utilize three key elements; a user-friendly design, valuable content and… Read More

Ensure A Game Winning ECM Strategy in Your Business

Now that the NFL season is in full swing, fantasy football platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel are once again flooding the advertising scene. Annoying? You bet. But these fantasy juggernauts continue to break records, with over 4 million entries each week, and the numbers steadily grow every year.