Certified GlobalCapture Engineer (CGCE) - Video Series

Last Updated: 4/26/2018

The videos series below provides in-depth detail of Square 9’s GlobalCapture document capture automation engine, from general introductions to designing capture workflows, leveraging OCR Templates, licensing and more.

Each video has several lessons. It is not necessary to watch an entire video in a single sitting; feel free to stop and start each video as convenient. To ensure the best comprehension, it is recommended that at least an entire lesson be watched in a single sitting, whenever possible.

Upon video completion, please fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page to receive access to the CGCE Certification Exam.

Section 1: Introduction to GlobalCapture

Lesson 1 – Learn what GlobalCapture is and get familiar with its architecture, different kinds of user licenses, and terminology.
Lesson 2 – Learn how to access GlobalCapture and navigate through the GlobalCapture Homepage and Designer.
Lesson 3 – Learn about all the different elements that can be used to construct GlobalCapture Workflows.
Lesson 4 – Learn about some GlobalCapture essential facts and best practices that can help to build successful Workflows.

Section 2: Workflow 1 & 2 Import Documents into a GlobalSearch Archive

Lesson 1 – Learn the ins and outs of the Import, Release, End, and Note Nodes as we create and run a simple WF.
Lesson 2 – Learn how to make alterations to captured documents with the Separate, Image Cleanup, and Convert Nodes.

Section 3: Workflow 3 Import Data & Documents

Lesson 1 – Learn what GlobalCapture Workflow and Process Fields are, how to create them, and why they are fundamental to the data capture process.
Lesson 2 – Learn how to configure the Import Node to capture data from a CSV file, use Data Validation appropriately, and successfully release both data and documents into GlobalSearch.
Lesson 3 – Learn what Batch Manager is and how to access it, navigate the interface, manipulate Workflow documents, as well as diagnose Workflow errors.
Lesson 4 – Learn what the Validation Station is and how to access it, navigate the interface, manipulate document data, and push an errored document forward in a Workflow process.

Section 4: Scanner Station

Lesson 1 – Learn what the Scanner Station is and how to access it, navigate the interface, scan documents directly into a GlobalCapture Workflow with a local TWAIN scanner, and use thumbnail document editing capabilities.

Section 5: Workflow 4 Import By Filename

Lesson 1 – Learn how to create an Import By Filename Workflow and go in depth with the Condition, Email, and Validate Node, as well as learn how to use the Release Node to release to a File using S9 Notation to create directories on the fly.
Lesson 2 – Learn how to move a document from one Node to another within the Validation Station, as well as work with Batch Manager documents in a Validation or Completed status.

Section 6: Workflow 5 Import with OCR Template

Lesson 1 – Learn what GlobalCapture Templates are as we introduce Template terminology and usage.
Lesson 2 – Learn the ins and outs of the Marker and Positional zones as we create a simple Template.
Lesson 3 – Learn more about Workflow fields and understand Field lists.
Lesson 4 – Learn how to put a Template into a Workflow using Classify Node, get in depth with the Set Process Field and Export Data Nodes, and understand when Workflow Fields do not need to be Process Fields.
Lesson 5 – Learn what Rapid Adapt is, how to create a Rapid Adapt Template, and how to use it in a Workflow. See how KeyFree is used to manually provide Index data in a Validation Station.

Section 7: Administration Management and GlobalCapture Feature Licenses

Lesson 1 – Learn what Batch Manger Portals are and how to create and manage them, including setting Portal security to control Workflow access.
Lesson 2 – Learn how to allocate GlobalCapture user and core licenses including core license reallocation for load balancing.
Lesson 3 – Learn how to register a customer’s GC server and engines, as well as determine how many user licenses of each type have been purchased.
Lesson 4 – Learn about some of the popular GlobalCapture feature licenses available to augment a basic GlobalCapture installation.