Certified GlobalCapture Engineer (CGCE) - Video Series

The videos series below provides in-depth detail of Square 9’s GlobalCapture document capture automation engine, from general introductions to designing capture workflows, leveraging OCR templates, licensing and more.

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Section 1: Introduction to GlobalCapture

Architecture, User Licenses, Feature Licenses, and Terminology

Section 2: Tour the GlobalCapture Interface

Access GlobalCapture, GlobalCapture Home Page and Workflow Design Interface

Section 3: Design Document Capture Workflows Part I

Introduction to the GlobalCapture Designer, Import, Release, Note, and End Nodes, Workflow Connections, Save Workflows, and Document Source Locations

Section 4: Design Document Capture Workflows Part II

Open and Copy Workflows, Workflow Layout, Separate, Image Cleanup, and Convert Nodes

Section 5: Design Data & Document Capture Workflows Part I

Create Process Fields for Indexing Data, Introduction to the Batch Manager, Introduction to the Validation Station, Manage Workflow Data and Documents

Section 6: Design Data & Document Capture Workflows Part II

Condition, Email, and Validate Nodes, Import By File Name, Create Multiple Workflow Paths, Add Email Notifications, Edit Data & Documents to Move Through Workflows

Section 7: Design OCR Templates to Automate Capture

Create Lists of Process Field Values, Introduction to the Template Designer, Create Data Extraction Templates, Create Marker and Positional Zones

Section 8: Use OCR Templates in Capture Workflows

Classify, Export Data, and Delete Pages Nodes, Use Rapid Adapt to Quickly Create Basic Templates, and Edit Documents from the Thumbnails Pane

Section 9: Import Documents, Licensing, and Registration Options

Scan, Email, and Use GlobalForms to Capture, Introduction to the Scanner Station, Manage User Licenses, Register Products and Instances

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