Document Management Software for Transportation

Drive More Efficient Business Processes, Improve Data Accuracy, Save Time, and Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

Square 9’s document management software eliminates manual data entry and seamlessly integrates with specialized transportation industry software.

Transportation Document Management Software Allows You To:

  • Square 9 ECMBuilda secure, digital database by scanning documents with capture automation solutions
  • Square 9 ECMKeepdrivers and deliveries on time with instant access to digital documents, anywhere, and anytime
  • Square 9 ECMSimplifydata entry with point and click KeyFree Indexing—no typing required
  • Square 9 ECMTrackvehicle and driver records to ensure safety and compliance on the road
  • Square 9 ECMPreparefor audits with accurate, accessible, and organized records
  • Square 9 ECMEliminateunnecessary storage and mailing costs
  • Square 9 ECMIntegratewith existing software, desktop scanners and multifunctional printers

Case Study

Document Management Drives Efficient Accounting Processes Across 21 Current Transportation Locations

“This system has also allowed us to avoid hiring additional staff, while doubling our locations in the past five years. We grew from a company that had one person doing accounts payable, to making each individual location responsible for entering and uploading invoices to be paid. GlobalSearch has helped us through a growth period and we feel confident that we will be able to continue to grow efficiently thanks to the products from Square 9.”

Jane Christenson
Accounts Payable Administrator, Kobussen Buses LTD
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How is GlobalSearch ECM Used for Transportation?

  • Content Management SoftwareAccounts Payable & Receivable
  • Content Management SoftwareVehicle Logs
  • Content Management SoftwareDriver Data
  • Content Management SoftwareEmployee Expenses
  • Content Management SoftwareAsset Tracking
  • Content Management SoftwareRoute Information
  • Content Management SoftwareContracts Management
  • Content Management SoftwareLogistics Management
  • Content Management SoftwarePacking Lists
  • Content Management SoftwareInventory
  • Content Management SoftwareDistributor, Vendor, & Customer Databases
  • Content Management SoftwareDriver Applications & Onboarding Data