2013 BLI Winter Pick

SmartSearch 3.3 Corporate Edition Earns Buyers Lab’s Winter Pick Award

Independent evaluation by Buyers Laboratory LLC refers to SmartSearch as an Outstanding Enterprise Document Management Solution

NEW HAVEN, CONN., January 27, 2013 – Square 9® Softworks, a leading developer of innovative, business-centric software solutions, announced today that Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging products and solutions, has awarded Square 9’s SmartSearch 3.3 Corporate Edition a 2013 Winter Pick Award.

With the massive amount of paper and electronic documents passing from department to department in enterprise-level organizations, implementing a document management system that enables workers to capture, retrieve and share those documents is a necessity. Square 9 Softworks SmartSearch 3.3 Corporate Edition is an extremely cost-effective, yet full-featured document management system scaled for enterprise-level organizations. And unlike most products in this class, it offers the majority of its features as standard, which helped earn SmartSearch 3.3 a BLI Winter 2013 “Pick” award for “Outstanding Enterprise Document Management Solution.”

“Square 9 SmartSearch is an impressive document management platform that delivers a wide range of advanced features,” said Jessica Schiffenhaus, BLI research editor. “Unlike most enterprise-level document management systems, SmartSearch Corporate Edition includes most functionality in the standard server product, rather than requiring extra-cost add-ons. This makes SmartSearch much less expensive when matched feature-for-feature with other leading systems.”

SmartSearch is a flexible solution for organizations with multiple-brand devices,as it integrates with virtually all MFP brands, and its scan-capture module is compatible with any TWAIN-compliant or WIA scanner. Plus, integration with Microsoft applications enables users to save their documents right into SmartSearch from Word or other software. The server-based software lets users access the system in multiple ways including client software that runs on users’ PCs, additionally, “Mobile workers will find the GlobalSearch web client and mobile application useful,” said Schiffenhaus. “They give authenticated users remote access to documents and workflows on-the-go.”

One handy tool is the system’s key-free, OCR-assisted indexing, which lets users capture data from a document for index fields by hovering the mouse over the desired information. Barcode recognition and zonal OCR also help automate the index process. Searching for information is equally as easy; users can search for documents using index fields, document properties and Boolean operations. And thanks to SmartSearch’s full-text OCR capabilities, captured documents are text-searchable, so users can search using keywords and phrases. Additionally, using a drag-and-drop interface, users can set up workflows to automatically import documents from a watched folder, perform processes such as document clean-up and OCR, and store them in a specified archive, or to route documents to other workers for approval.

“The entire team at Square 9 is extremely pleased to now have received multiple honors from Buyers Lab,” said Stephen Young, President and CEO of Square 9 Softworks. “The Winter 2013 ‘Pick’ Award, following the overall five-star rating our SmartSearch 3.3 Corporate Edition received from Buyers Lab in October 2012, demonstrates unequivocally that SmartSearch meets and surpasses the requirements of even the most demanding organizations in an enterprise-level solution.” For a complete look at SmartSearch 3.3 Corporate Edition, see BLI’s Solutions Report.

Twice a year with its “Pick” awards, BLI gives special recognition to the hardware and software products that provided the most outstanding performances in BLI’s unique evaluations. Software solutions undergo an in-depth hands-on review that focuses on key attributes for a solution’s target market and compares how well the product stacks up against leading competitors. “Pick” winners rise above the competition in key areas such as value, feature set, ease of use, ease of administration, hardware compatibility, software integration, security and support. Software solutions earn an overall rating based on a five-star scale, and “Pick” contenders are culled from those that earn the highest ratings. Consequently, a BLI “Pick” is a hard-earned award that buyers and IT directors can trust to better guide them in their acquisition decisions.

BLI is the world’s leading independent provider of analytical information and services to the digital imaging and document management industry. For over 50 years, buyers have relied on BLI to help them differentiate products’ strengths and weaknesses and make the best purchasing decisions, while industry sales, marketing and product professionals have turned to BLI for insightful competitive intelligence and valued guidance on product development, competitive positioning and sales channel and marketing support. The complete SmartSearch 3.3 Corporate Edition Assessment is available from BLI. For further information, contact BLI at (201) 488-0404 or visit www.buyerslab.com.

SmartSearch is a feature-rich Enterprise Content Management solution used by organizations to manage their documents electronically, driving efficiency and productivity across all business processes. Built for content management on the .NET platform using an open architecture design, SmartSearch is a scalable, value-driven solution that is easy to use, learn and support. From small businesses to the Fortune 500, organizations that rely on document-intensive processes use SmartSearch to manage documents electronically and streamline their workflow as they eliminate inefficient paper-based filing systems. For further information, contact Square 9 Softworks at (203) 789-0889 or visit www.square-9.com.