Banet Selected as Keynote Speaker

Independent Software Selects Square 9 CTO as LaunchHaven Headline Speaker

Brian Banet keynotes networking event, encourages entrepreneurial community to explore new ideas in technologies.

NEW HAVEN, CONN., March 18, 2014 – A technology-focused event for local entrepreneurs, Independent Software’s LaunchHaven featured Square 9® Softworks CTO, Brian Banet, and his story of how Square 9 evolved from local start-up to international operation with triple-digit growth year after year.

Founder and chief architect of Square 9’s products and development strategy, Banet presented his personal experiences of entrepreneurship as he spoke about the mission and origin of Square 9, the secrets to its success, and his thought-provoking advice to fellow entrepreneurs.

Attendees intently listened as Banet described his dedication to creating new developments in affordable and efficient content management technologies. Encouraging the entrepreneurial-minded to turn their product ideas into reality, Banet’s presentation explained how trends in technology affect innovation, through real-life examples of Square 9’s own corporate evolution.

“At Square 9, our success stems from our knowledge of the industry and passion for technology. We didn’t just have an idea we thought could be successful, we have an intimate knowledge of what customers expect and strive to produce products that do it better and more cost effectively than any of our competitors.” Banet continued. “If I can help share lessons like these with fellow entrepreneurs, together we are pushing towards a significant, technologically-advanced future.”

In the Ninth Square District of downtown New Haven, LaunchHaven was held just footsteps away from the coffee shop where Square 9 began. Banet joked to the crowd, “Free WiFi made Woodland Coffee our corporate headquarters for a brief period.” But regardless of how far they’ve come, New Haven remains a main part of the company’s culture, making the local event especially significant to Banet, a Connecticut native.

Square 9 has grown continuously since its conception in 2006, establishing itself as an international leader in the document management space by providing cutting-edge solutions to customers around the world. Among the experiences shared throughout the presentation, Banet’s advice to the community of entrepreneurs concludes it well: “understand your customers, be passionate about your project, and seek out people who are as passionate as you are.”

Under Banet and CEO Stephen Young, Square 9 continues to revolutionize their document management solutions towards global market penetration.

LaunchHaven is a monthly networking event that connects entrepreneurs, startup employees, investors and more. For information on attending the next presentation, please visit Independent Software at

About Square 9 Softworks:

Square 9 Softworks is an award winning developer of scanning and document control solutions that enables its customers to realize their dream of a paperless office. With solutions for document workflow and mobile document delivery, Square 9 has helped companies of all sizes to get control of their paper intensive processes with solutions that meet the rapidly evolving needs of the business community.

Square 9’s flagship document management software, SmartSearch, has been recognized continually for its innovation including Buyers Laboratory’s coveted five star rating in 2013 and Winter Pick award for Outstanding Enterprise Document Management Solution in 2013.

Square 9 Softworks distributes its solutions internationally through a network of highly skilled channel partners from its corporate offices in New Haven, Connecticut. For further information, visit