Square 9 Softworks® Introduces GlobalCapture Cloud Transformation Services

NEW HAVEN, CONN., November 30, 2020 – Square 9 Softworks®, a leading developer of award-winning enterprise content management solutions, has introduced GlobalCapture Cloud Transformation Services (CTS), a powerful end-to-end secure platform for digital transformation in the cloud. With GlobalCapture Cloud Transformation Services, users have a complete cloud solution to capture, store, and automate business processes.

Created with flexibility in mind, users can scale GlobalCapture Cloud Transformation Services as their digital transformation needs change. Included are tools for extracting various data types and the ability to increase overall processing resources. As an end-to-end digital transformation model in the cloud, Square 9 has also included GlobalForms with GlobalCapture Cloud Transformation Services to help users transform paper-based data collection into a completely digital process with a growing gallery of forms available to download.

“Our goal is to look at the most common pain points we see in our user community and provide a solution for working more efficiently with critical business data,” said Brian Banet, Chief Technology Officer for Square 9. “We felt that the key to solving any content-driven business process was the ability to get information into the system quickly and with minimal effort regardless of where you’re located,” added Banet.

Locally captured documents are monitored for import through the Cloud Transformation Services Direct Connect service. As critical business data is collected, the data is routed to the right departments or users through Cloud Transformation Services workflows. Predesigned workflows for common business applications are available through the Square 9 Solutions Delivery network and are easily downloadable and ready to use.

“2020 has been a year of challenges, but challenges, often foster innovation,” said Stephen Young, President, and CEO of Square 9. “Our goal with GlobalCapture Cloud Transformation Services is to simplify the adoption of digital transformation for our user community by incorporating the best practices we’ve developed through our years of solution delivery. “

“We want to empower organizations with complete, end-to-end digital transformation strategies that can be rapidly deployed when needed through our Solutions Delivery Network. GlobalCapture Cloud Transformation Services will become the launchpad for helping businesses increase productivity no matter if they’re in the office or working remotely,” said Young.

Square 9 remains committed to user feedback, demonstrating their continued commitment to customer innovation. For more information on GlobalCapture Cloud Transformation Services, please visit https://www.square-9.com/products/document-capture-automation/.


About Square 9 Softworks

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