GlobalConnect for Chrome

Sean Leja wins Developers “Holiday Bake Off” with GlobalConnect for Chrome

Square 9 Software Engineer creates Chrome Extension for instant document access from any web based application running on Google Chrome.

NEW HAVEN, CONN., January 15, 2014 – How do you stimulate creativity during the waning months of the year when employee focus is typically geared towards the busy holiday season? At Square 9 Softworks, CTO Brian Banet held a “holiday bake off” for his developers that resulted in an exciting new solution for the Square 9 user community.

The rules were simple; without any changes to core product code, use only the existing GlobalSearch REST API to create an application that will increase user productivity or provide enhanced business functionality. These creative exercises are held at Square 9 periodically as a way to study the unexplored possibilities that lay within the REST API, while providing developers with a creative outlet for Research & Development.

Software Engineer Sean Leja, who is in his third year with Square 9, responded to the challenge by developing a Chrome extension that allows users to run searches for documents directly from information residing within any web based application running on Google’s popular browser platform.

The result is that GlobalSearch users running on Google Chrome can now immediately access their documents from browser-based applications like, QuickBooks Online or PeopleSoft. Users simply highlight the information needed to run the search, such as an invoice or customer number, and right click to select the search they wish to run. GlobalSearch returns the search results in a new browser tab without the need for users to leave their primary business application or launch a secondary application.

“The use cases for this application are limitless,” stated Banet. “Individuals running any web based applications can immediately access content residing within GlobalSearch without costly integration.” Banet added. “Sean did an incredible job of demonstrating just what can be done with the REST API platform by combining his efforts with some creative thought.”

The new GlobalConnect for Chrome app is now available for download from the Google App store ( and is available for free to anyone using GlobalSearch. For Sean’s creative efforts, he will not only receive the eternal gratitude of the entire Square 9 user community, but he’ll also receive a $500 gift card to to allow for a post-holiday shopping spree.

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