GlobalSearch Image XChange

Content Enabled Search

Search Content in Your Business Programs in One Click with Image XChange

Enhance daily productivity by instantly accessing stored documents in GlobalSearch®, while working within your existing business programs.

Features & Benefits

Users gain immediate access to stored contracts, invoices, receipts or any other type of multi-formatted document, without opening GlobalSearch.


Integrate seamlessly with everyday business applications, including


Access stored documents instantly without leaving the program you are working in


Immediately address specific business requests, as soon as needed


Gain quick access to stored content, enabling more informed decision-making

How it Works

Image XChange pulls the information you need the moment you need it by searching the entire GlobalSearch system to match the selected data, greatly enhancing customer service without the need for complex technical integration.

  • GlobalSearch Set Search

    Set a Search

    Simply create a new search, or select any stored search within the GlobalSearch platform.

  • Square 9 GlobalSearch

    Capture Data

    From within your business application, hover over the data you want to use and Image XChange will capture that information to run the search.

  • Advanced Data Extraction

    Access Files

    Within seconds, Image XChange automatically displays a list of all stored documents containing the searched content.

Where is Image XChange Used?

  • Square 9 ECMFinancial ApplicationsSelect an invoice number within accounting applications, including QuickBooks® or Microsoft Dynamics®, and trigger Image XChange to locate all documentation related to that invoice, streamlining the three-way match.
  • Square 9 ECMCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)Initiate a search in your CRM system and Image XChange will find documentation to validate any current or outstanding tasks on a customer’s account, such as proof of delivery or purchase order.
  • Square 9 ECMElectronic Medical Records (EMR)Hospital staff can instantly pull up and view a list of documents associated with a patient’s medical history – treatment notes, prescriptions, etc. – without leaving their desks or requesting assistance from another department.
  • Square 9 ECMHuman ResourcesInstantly pull up employee documentation, including W-2s or I-9 forms, insurance enrollment applications and benefits statements, for better visibility and management of the onboarding process.
Featured Case Study:

GlobalSearch® Puts the Power of Accounting Accuracy in OTA Management’s Hands

KeyFree Indexing has proved extremely beneficial for OTA Management, streamlining data entry and cutting down on input errors to boost the overall efficiency of the company’s Accounting team. With just under 12,000 records digitally stored, OTA now saves over 260 hours annually on paper management tasks.