Training Without Travel: All New Harbor Tours and Reseller eLearning

Square 9 Reseller eLearning

At Square 9, we recognize the important role our Reseller partners play in bringing cutting-edge ECM solutions to the global market. We continuously strive to improve our programs to better serve our dealer channel and expand your business opportunities. As such, we are excited to present new resources to help build your solutions expertise and drive additional sales.

Harbor Tours

Drive your prospects to weekly webinars designed to introduce the Square 9 product suite to those unfamiliar with our product. The intention of the Square 9 Harbor Tours is to give simple, user-focused introductions to those who have not been exposed to the Square 9 suite of applications. While individual demos will always remain a commitment, these group webinars allow you to drive a larger audience to one place, giving both you and your prospects more flexibility to communicate our software solutions. It is also a great opportunity for new reps to brush up on their demo skills. This webinar occurs every Friday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time. Please note that a unique event session is generated for each week.

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Reseller eLearning

Square 9’s web-based Education Program offers a mobile learning environment, empowering Resellers to work at their own pace, wherever, whenever is most convenient to them. With exclusive educational resources – from online video series, to PowerPoint presentations – Square 9’s eLearning program enables students to benefit from private, 24/7 online education, while avoiding high travel costs and time out of office.

The Square 9 Education Program includes online eLearning courses that have changed the way our Reseller community is getting certified in solutions sales and document capture automation. Are you looking to develop a well-rounded sales team in a cost-effective manner? Take a look at the new online educational resources available to Authorized Resellers:

Certified Capture Education: With the growing demand for Square 9’s document capture automation engine, we are offering certifications for both GlobalCapture Convey and GlobalCapture Engineers. Square 9’s on-demand capture training is offered in short video modules, allowing your team to train around their individual schedules.

The new Certified GlobalCapture Convey Engineer (CGCCE) course provides Resellers the option of getting certified in GlobalCapture Convey. From simple document capture to template based extraction, Rapid Adapts Forms Learning and more, gain the knowledge and skills to create increasingly powerful Workflows for streamlining document processes.

Open to all Authorized Resellers and recommended for those who previously completed Certified Square 9 System Architect (CSSA), the Certified GlobalCapture Engineer (CGCE) video series provides in-depth detail of the GlobalCapture document capture automation engine, from general introductions to designing capture workflows, leveraging OCR templates, licensing and more. With completion of this video series and a passing grade on the exam, you will become certified in GlobalCapture. The CGCE certification is a prerequisite for the Advanced GlobalCapture Engineer (AGCE) classroom-based course, which focuses on advanced workflow tools such as Rapid Adapt Forms Learning.

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Certified Square 9 Solutions Provider (CSSP): Short on time and budget dollars? You can still provide your sales staff with the opportunity to grow. Try our eLearning CSSP course, designed specifically for new, emerging and experienced solutions sales professionals looking to successfully source, propose, and close solutions-focused opportunities featuring the Square 9 product suite. Learn best practices for identifying opportunities in key horizontal applications and the basics of presenting a product demonstration. Additional topics covered include, how to sell a solution versus an equipment only approach, an overview of what the Square 9 products are, what they do and how they fit in your solutions strategy.

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Immerse your team in a classroom experience without the need for traveling. Give your reps the tools to enhance their sales performance, increase productivity and provide results. For registration and more information on course specifics, visit