QuickBooks® Connections Integration

Elevate Accounting Productivity Within QuickBooks

Combine bill creation and document capture into a highly efficient payable process to eliminate repetitive manual data entry while streamlining document sharing and collaboration.

Advanced Integration

Push data, create bills, route invoices and deliver documents from GlobalSearch in tandem with the QuickBooks software.

Accurate & Efficient

Tasks are completed quicker versus manual indexing as data is collected using OCR assisted automation tools.


Data is entered once and automatically shared with other applications

Fast & Compliant

Change which company to bill by simply changing which database is open


Process larger numbers of transactions in less time, with less resources

Key Features & Benefits

  • Automatic Bill Creation
  • Automated Invoice Routing
  • Instant Invoice Matching
  • User Initiated Data Pushes
  • Automatic Data Population
  • Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry
  • Flexible, Web Based Access
  • Build Assembly Bound Lists
  • Ensure GAAP Compliance
  • Secure Sensitive Data

How it Works

Work more efficiently by simplifying accounting processes through direct access to accounting documents.

  • QuickBill

    Capture an invoice or purchase order into GlobalSearch where data is extracted and pushed to QuickBooks for automatic bill or invoice creation, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

  • QuickScan

    Information entered directly into QuickBooks is scanned to GlobalSearch and indexed automatically, greatly reducing document filing and retrieval.

  • QuickSync

    QuickSync allows for database lookups from QuickBooks, pulling information into an accessible data source and sharing that data with GlobalSearch or other line of business applications.

  • QuickLinks

    Access documents stored in GlobalSearch from within the QuickBooks interface, without the need to enter search criteria. QuickLinks uses the open transaction to pass the search data automatically.

  • Download the QuickBooks Connections Brochure