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GlobalForms® Improves Business Flexibility with Workflow Driven eForms

Extend document automation by capturing critical information effortlessly with intuitive web forms that eliminate repetitive processes.

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Features & Benefits

Any organization can create company-specific web forms that gather only the relevant data needed, eliminating manual data entry, improving the quality of captured information, and allowing for real-time engagement with your audience. GlobalForms simplifies web form creation through an extended no-code platform allowing you to build dynamic forms on your own, in less time. Using simple point and click options, you can easily and quickly build forms that include data calculations, conditional values, multiple languages and more. Talk to us to find out how easy adding forms to your organization can be.

User Friendly Designer

With its browser-based and no code platform, GlobalForms offers robust styling options for easy form creation. Simply drag-and-drop form fields onto the designer to build a unique form. The use simple point and click to add images, language localization, calculations, conditional properties, and more.

Easily Create Custom Layouts

Build rules and logic into web forms that dynamically change the layout based on selections made, ensuring required data has been provided before web form submission.

Document Routing

Automatically route documents for approval, notifying users of required action. Or integrate web forms into capture workflows to create a single process for working with data!

Capture Automation

Leverage document capture automation to effortlessly collect data from all sources, creating a single process for working with information.

Common Uses

Featuring a digital library of customizable options for common business forms, GlobalForms enables you to easily create and manage both secured and public forms for an array of business use cases from patient intake to expense reporting.

  • Content Management SoftwareExpense Reports
  • Content Management SoftwareHuman Resources Onboarding
  • Content Management SoftwareMortgage & Loan Applications
  • Content Management SoftwarePatient Registration
  • Content Management SoftwarePurchase Orders/Sales Orders
  • Content Management SoftwareQuestionnaires/Feedback Forms
  • Content Management SoftwareStudent Enrollment
  • Content Management SoftwareTime Sheets/PTO Requests

How it Works

With GlobalForms, users can design custom web forms that automatically capture high-value data and re-populate repetitive information onto other forms.

  • Web Forms Management

    Design a Web Form

    Quickly and easily create custom web forms through a highly intuitive drag and drop web platform with a user friendly look and feel. With decorators and test views, web forms are easily formatted within desktops, tablets and smartphones. No coding required to add images, calculations, conditional properties, images, language localization, and more, simply point and click to add these features.

  • Grab Document Management Data

    Collect Data

    GlobalForms is integrated with the GlobalCapture platform allowing you to leverage the power of capture workflow processing. When a web form is submitted, collected data is automatically populated onto other forms, streamlining the entry of repetitive information.

  • Square 9 Contract Collaboration

    Automated Workflows

    Once the data is captured users can easily create and define custom workflows with automated commands for routing web form field data for further actions. This includes sending email notifications and circulating for approval.

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Featured Case Study:

Grocery Franchise Saves Money and Improves Onboarding with GlobalSearch® Document Management Software

The Kenny Family ShopRites of Delaware has recently opened their largest store to date, hiring over 200 employees. By implementing Square 9’s GlobalSearch Suite of solutions the franchise was able to store 30,000 documents, completely eliminate their basement storage unit and streamline all paper-intensive processes to make their latest ShopRite opening their most efficient yet.