Square 9 for Legal and Contracts

Legal & Contract Automation Software

By digitally storing contract documentation and offering remote signature options, our contract automation solution boosts the ability to efficiently negotiate, manage, and collaborate on contracts.

Easy tracking of global contracts
Measure contract performance
Access contract records remotely

Get instant access to every file you need, even with remote or distributed teams

Contracts can be sorted by the date they were created, modified, or completed, or by customer name, customer number, and more. 

Automatically retain all document history, including versioning and editing, so that administration can easily track all contract activities.

Review and approve contracts through automated document workflows.

Protect your business from broken or incomplete contracts by never losing sight of contracts in the queue.

Organize all your contracts in one secure location where managers can quickly access the same information, even from remote locations.

The answer to all your contract collaboration hurdles


Automatically retain all contract history

Bring your contract process paperless, so you can easily locate all versions and edits, so administration can easily track all contract activities.


Track changes and multiple contract revisions

Meet your contractual requirements and obligations and avoid the risk and penalties from broken or incomplete contracts.


Automate contract collaboration

  • Integrate with DocuSign for remote signatures
  • Easily track global contracts with multiple parties
  • Measure contract performance with full audit trail
  • Receive automated notification for signing

Repetitive manual tasks and impossible to find documents are a thing of the past

Bogged down by frequent, repetitive, common tasks that don’t inspire you? Digital transformation solutions for contracts from Square 9 Softworks can make common tasks simplified so you can spend your time on more engaging and purposeful work.

  • Meet contractual requirements and obligations
  • Assign policies for contract lifecycle management
  • Log all contract modifications and approvals
  • Automate contract approval processes
  • Access contracts remotely
  • Free e-learning for your entire organization on their schedule
Success Stories

Aerospace Company Takes Flight with GlobalSearch® ECM

Founded in 1951, Branford, Connecticut-based HARCO Laboratories is an award-winning designer, manufacturer, and international distributor of customized, innovative solutions for a wide range of demanding aerospace and industrial applications. HARCO’s proven, engineered solutions support programs for leading companies like Boeing, GE, Embraer, Honeywell, Liebherr Aerospace, Pilatus, Rolls-Royce, and the U.S. military.

I would strongly recommend that anyone researching document management solutions take a serious look at GlobalSearch. It is affordable, customizable, easy to use, stable and extremely versatile. I think of GlobalSearch not just as another software program but as a powerful development tool for document management. Virtually any process involving internally- or externally-generated documents can be automated or streamlined to work far more economically and efficiently with GlobalSearch.

Brian O’Connor

HARCO’s IT Manager

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