Square 9 Tech Tips

In the following quick videos, Square 9 Softworks helps users acquire maximum efficiency from managing their documents through GlobalSearch. By highlighting features of security, workflow automation, toolbar tricks and OCR data extraction, Square 9’s Technical Tip Series provides insight to the many capabilities of GlobalSearch. Reviewing these quick document automation videos will ensure you get the most out of your solution. To see more tech tips, sign up for an elearning account, register here.



Learn how to add highlights, notes, stamps, and more to your GlobalSearch documents.



See how to add a GlobalAction task pane to the GlobalSearch grid view to easily find documents awaiting your approval.



Walk through the steps required to append inbox documents directly to one of your archive documents.



See how to run a quick search using data displayed in any application to gain quick access to your GlobalSearch documents without leaving that application.



Learn how to capture multiple rows of data at once and quickly GlobalSearch table field information.



See how to an existing GlobalSearch record from a desktop scanner while viewing that document in the document viewer.

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