Business Process Management Software

Workflow automation enables you to map document activities from data capture to archival and provides end-to-end process visibility to help you achieve consistently targeted results aligned with your organization’s goals.

Automation to route your documents through a defined workflow

Approve invoices, purchase orders, sales orders, budgets, and more by routing documents automatically. Auto route work orders to those performing a specific job. Manage retention rates by directing documents past a certain age towards disposal. With GlobalAction, the possibilities are endless.

Define where your information should be in any given scenario to take control of your processes and continually optimize them.

Ensure personal and confidential information is only viewed by those who are authorized to view it.  You’ll stay compliant and avoid violation fines and penalties.

Know where your business-critical information is at all times with powerful management tools. Never lose track of an invoice, purchase order, sales order, or employee onboarding record.

Identify potential or actual bottlenecks in a process such as invoice approvals. You can even accelerate notification schedules based on critical timelines.

How our solution improves your business' efficiency:


Map Process

Via an easy-to-use web-based platform, design document lifecycle activities with a simple drag and drop interface that establishes a beginning and end for each action within a workflow.


Define the Flow

Connect the activities into a logical progression that flows based on static information or dynamically entered user input.


Secure Access

Create queues for sub-processes specific to individual users and security parameters, enforcing compliance and setting guidelines for what a user can see or do.


Enforce Rules

Ensure organizational adherence to your processes and procedures by defining the exact steps to be followed.



With in-process notifications, everyone is kept informed of their pending activities. GlobalAction can even accelerate notification schedules based on critical timelines.



Add a level of visibility to your document management processes with GlobalAnalytics and see precisely where and for how long information is within a process, allowing for improved business intelligence.

Keep information moving with GlobalAction

Deliver enhanced Business Process Management with GlobalAction to support your core business processes. As a result, you’ll better align your business functions with customers, partners, and vendor needs.

  • Determine how to deploy, monitor, and measure company resources
  • Secure access for enforced compliance
  • Share insight with other business applications
  • Support business rules while allowing for global participation
  • Minimize risk and errors
  • Achieve consistent and faster document processing
Customer Success Stories

Authorized Reseller MOS Implements Square 9’s Document Management Solutions Internally

A longtime leader in the Office Equipment and Technology industry, Michigan Office Solutions (MOS) has been a dedicated Square 9 partner since 2012, providing top of the line business solutions throughout the Midwestern United States. MOS offers a full range of workflow optimization tools that help organizations accelerate their business with a custom-blended, streamlined solution, created to fit their unique business requirements. From Human Resources departments to Finance and Accounting, their customers have nothing but positive insight about their experiences.

GlobalSearch and GlobalAction were simple enough that the Accounting team could create workflows enhancing GlobalSearch to meet our business needs.

Accounts Payable and Management

Business Process Management FAQs


What is business process automation?


Business process automation uses technology to run business-critical processes without the need for constant human input. 


What is business process automation used for?


Business process automation is used for a variety of business activities. Square 9’s GlobalAction uses it to improve workflow chains and automate other key document-based tasks.


What does business process automation cost?


Business process automation should be saving you money. Large document-based workloads and multi-step paper processes are good indicators that GlobalAction can help your business.


What are the benefits of business process automation?


Business process automation solutions, like GlobalAction from Square 9, improve business agility, increase productivity, offer complete visibility into business activities, support compliance, and help complete tasks more efficiently.