Square 9 GlobalSearch Reseller

Authorized Reseller MOS Implements Square 9’s Document Management Solutions Internally

ECM Software for Office Solutions Providers

A longtime leader in the Office Equipment and Technology industry, Michigan Office Solutions (MOS) has been a dedicated Square 9 partner since 2012, providing top of the line business solutions throughout the Midwestern United States. MOS offers a full range of workflow optimization tools that help organizations accelerate their business with a custom-blended, streamlined solution, created to fit their unique business requirements. From Human Resources departments to Finance and Accounting, their customers have nothing but positive insight about their experiences.

Working with MOS, customers have significantly increased efficiency attained by implementing Square 9’s document management solutions. MOS runs its business with a streamlined approach to productivity and efficiency; operating with LEAN practices and helping its customers do the same. Committed to continuous improvement, MOS recognized inefficiencies in their own paper-based accounting processes which needed attention.

On average, MOS acquires 500 invoices per week, requiring manual delivery, processing and approval. Each invoice required up to an additional five documents to be matched with appropriate approvals, purchase orders and additional paperwork, equating up to 10,000 paper documents managed each month. This created multiple invoices, rework and duplicates within the current paper system. Often time’s invoices were present without the purchase orders or approvals or vice versa. This in turn caused wasted time searching for documents and processing duplicate information.

Lost in paper, MOS knew exactly where to turn. The award-winning service provider implemented an electronic invoice approval system through Square 9’s GlobalSearch Document Management software. Their invoices are now electronically saved and signed by all parties. This is targeted to save time, reduce rework and eliminate the unnecessary documents that are printed for each invoice.

GlobalSearch Document Management software has enabled MOS to dramatically increase employee productivity while reducing costs associated with paper and printing. MOS has saved 21.5 hours per week, translating to increased productivity of 31% in the Accounts Payable department alone! The Accounting staff significantly reduced rework and duplicates while improving employee morale.

MOS now has a scalable solution for managing and distributing business documents and invoices with security, compliance, and speed. This GlobalSearch solution has reduced overhead costs for MOS by eliminating the need to print paper invoices and has increased productivity for employees with the ease of electronic approvals and digital storage. This process has reduced paper consumption by 48,500 sheets of paper, saving 5.8 trees each quarter! MOS has easily managed the Square 9 GlobalSearch solution, quickly adjusting to document routing automation and electronic approvals.

The concept of improving results and performance on a continual basis is universally hailed as a great idea. Doing it is another matter. With continuous LEAN process improvement, the goal of Michigan Office Solutions is to help customers create a culture of business efficiency. MOS applies the skills and energies of the best trained and certified professionals in the state. To learn more, contact MOS at 800.442.9070 or online at www.mos-xerox.com.