Document Capture Automation Software

Efficiently add your documents to your repository. Easily capture, classify, and validate high volumes of documents, including paper, PDFs, and even email messages and their attachments, so you can easily find them in a matter of seconds with document capture automation software.


In the Cloud or at your office: Document Capture Automation delivered the way you want it

Automate the process of identifying relevant data and categorizing, indexing, and extracting that data for easy access. With document capture automation software, you’ll free up your team to focus on more important tasks. Our robust document capture automation solution allows your business to:

GlobalCapture helps eliminate paper and storage costs, and with the savings you get from improved team productivity and the reduction in manual data entry, GlobalCapture quickly pays for itself.

TransformAI uses machine learning to automate document capture and data extraction; eliminating human errors and speeding up data input.

GlobalCapture can feed your content management system, connecting all your information systems and giving you the information you need at your fingertips.

With no page count or load limit on-premise and various packages to suit your business needs in the cloud, GlobalCapture is built to scale with your growing organization.

How document capture automation software works:



Capture documents from virtually any source including MFPs, production scanners, email servers, web forms, watched network directories or other external data sources.



Use forms recognition to automatically classify and capture documents. With RapidAdapt® Forms Learning, new classification projects can be created as needed for handling the ongoing training of evolving document capture processes.



Mine data from your documents using powerful extraction tools including structured and unstructured Optical Character Recognition, Barcode Recognition, Tabular Data Extraction, Database Lookups and more.



Checking the integrity of your information before it’s shared to downstream applications is critical to any type of data capture automation. GlobalCapture provides OCR confidence reporting and other essential validation checks to ensure data accuracy.



Automatically route your documents to the destination of your choice, including network shares that GlobalCapture creates and names on the fly. With automated email notifications, your users will be kept in the loop when new documents become available.



In addition to releasing to a file share, GlobalCapture can also release to any document management software including direct integration with GlobalSearch ECM software, Microsoft SharePoint and more.

The GlobalCapture Difference

Building on years of innovation, the advanced functionality of GlobalCapture document capture automation software let’s you to work with a greater level of intelligence through powerful anywhere, anytime access.

  • Available in the cloud or on premises
  • Create, modify, and publish with Workflow Designer
  • Powerful email processing
  • Infinitely scalable to expanding business needs
  • Fully integrated web forms
  • Sharing with virtually any ERP, CRM, HRM or BPM platform
Customer Success Stories

GlobalCapture Enables Machining and Assembly Manufacturer to Focus on Innovation and Efficiency

As a small business contract manufacturer since 1947, General Tool has fabricated, machined and assembled products for some of the United States’ largest companies in industries ranging from aerospace and defense to energy and industrial. As a value-driven organization, General Tool prides itself on building trusted relationships with its customers, which include GE, SpaceX, Lockheed-Martin, General Atomics, Boeing, General Dynamics and others.

GlobalCapture provided the flexibility we needed to efficiently automate our data capture processes.

Rob Nixon

Systems Engineer, General Tool

Document Capture FAQs


What is document capture automation?


Document capture automation uses various processing technologies to extract high-value, digital data from multiple information sources, including paper documents, emails, web forms, and more.


How can I use document capture automation?


Document capture automation uses technology to automatically capture, identify, classify and extract business-critical information from documents and put that information into motion for easy access and use by business users.


How do I know if I need document capture automation?


If you are working with large volumes of documents that need to be scanned and indexed into your content management system, capture automation will help you do this with limited human interaction. Capture can also help clear bottlenecks for downstream processes. This allows you to speed projects and processes to completion, cut costs, and avoid human error.


What is the benefit of capture automation technology?


Enables organizations to automate the capture, recognition, and classification of business documents and to quickly and accurately extract important information from those documents for use by business users and in applications.