ECM Webinars

  • October 25, 2018 1:00 pmCapture Automation: Building the Bridge Between Scanning Devices & the Cloud
  • November 8, 2018 2:00 pmGlobalCapture® 101: Intro to Capture Automation
  • November 20, 2018 2:00 pmGlobalSearch® 101: Intro to ECM Software
AEC v1.0.4

GlobalSearch® 101: Intro to ECM Software


Square 9’s GlobalSearch® solution is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software that eliminates inefficient paper processes by simplifying the capture, retrieval and distribution of your business information. From increased productivity and effective collaboration to business continuity and regulatory compliance, the award-winning GlobalSearch software enables organizations to manage business more efficiently by automating daily paper-intensive tasks. Learn how GlobalSearch and these key features go to work for you, saving time, money and contributing to the overall growth and success of your business, enabling your business to reach new levels of efficiency.

Customer Success Story Featuring Rockland Paramedics


Square 9’s customers have achieved extraordinary success by utilizing our industry-leading document management and process automation solutions. But don’t just take our word for it! Hear from a real Square 9 customer who is using GlobalSearch ECM software on a daily basis for their document management needs.

Introducing GlobalCapture® 2.1 Featuring GlobalForms® 10


GlobalCapture 2.1, featuring GlobalForms 10, introduces a unified strategy for process automation, with the strength of web forms management! Learn more about all the cool stuff you can do with the latest version of GlobalCapture, including the all new Capture BPM engine and intuitive web forms integration!

GlobalCapture 101: Intro to Capture Automation


As the next generation solution for document capture automation, GlobalCapture® enables users to extract critical business information to be measured, analyzed, understood and acted on with efficiency and ease. Watch our introductory demonstration!

Introducing the Release of GlobalSearch® 4.5


GlobalSearch® 4.5 delivers an updated table-style display and additional opportunities for working more efficiently with document search results. Users now have the power to control how they work, with new sort and display options which can be customized to the individual user’s needs. We invite you to learn about the importance of upgrading to GlobalSearch 4.5 and the key features that work to save time, money, and contribute to higher levels of business efficiency.

Lowering Costs And Feeding Efficiency Through AP Automation


Are you looking to dramatically reduce the high transaction costs inherent to manually processing requisitions, purchase orders and invoices? Square 9’s Document Capture Automation engine is the advanced Accounts Payable solution designed to deliver full document workflow capabilities from document capture to data extraction, and intelligent data recognition. Learn how Purchase to Pay can eliminate manual data entry, increase data entry accuracy and integrate with existing financial systems. Now is the time to reevaluate document-intensive Accounts Payable processes and get started with a proven solution! Join us for an Accounts Payable demonstration and detailed Q&A session, to see the power of Capture Automation!

Intro to GlobalCapture®: Document Capture Automation


GlobalCapture® from Square 9® Softworks is the next generation solution for capture automation that allows users to extract critical business information to be measured, analyzed, understood and acted on. Whether your company is working with digital or hard copy documents, GlobalCapture goes to work for you by automatically capturing and transforming data into high value information that shapes business insight and contributes to improved decision making. This webinar presents an in-depth introduction to GlobalCapture, where you will learn how to easily capture, validate and classify documents through capture essentials and advanced tools that include Template Based OCR, Advanced Capture, Line Item Data Extraction, Rapid Adapt Forms Learning, Unique Forms & Flow Designer.

GlobalCapture® Convey: Capturing High Value Document Data


GlobalCapture® Convey is a high value, introductory Capture Automation solution designed to capture, validate and classify high volumes of multi-formatted documents, converting them into valuable data and actionable information. A web-based solution, GlobalCapture Convey acts as a universal point of entry for documents and incorporates workflow activities to streamline the capture process. This document capture automation demonstration reviews key features including a comprehensive visual capture process, email processing capabilities, automated document routing & indexing, integration with existing business applications and more!

GlobalSearch® ECM Software Product Overview


Square 9’s GlobalSearch® solution is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software that eliminates inefficient paper processes by simplifying the capture, retrieval and distribution of your business information. The award-winning GlobalSearch software enables organizations to manage business more efficiently by automating daily paper-intensive tasks. GlobalSearch takes documents digital, increasing employee productivity and collaboration while keeping business compliant and secure. Join us for an intuitive introduction to the GlobalSearch ECM solution on both the web and desktop clients, and review key features including KeyFree Indexing, Keyword Searching, Image XChange, Automated Three-Way Matching, Document Workflow Capabilities, Annotations, Document Security and More!

GlobalAction®: An Accounts Payable Workflow


Featuring a fully web-based platform that offers tremendous strength and flexibility, GlobalAction®
is the solution for workflow software automation that enables users to map document activities in a complete end-to-end process. GlobalAction automates document-heavy business processes in a snap, boosting the efficiency of your Accounting department! In this webinar, learn how to design a visual representation of your Accounts Payable process that’s ready for action. GlobalAction efficiently handles AP automation for invoices, purchase orders, packing slips and more, streamlining requisition creation and distribution, three-way matching, approval routing through multiple departments, filing and archiving of bill records and more!

Controlling Access with Batch Portal Security


With the SmartSearch 4.4 Summer Release, the Square 9 Batch Manager has been restructured within the latest capture automation engine, GlobalCapture®. Now, rather than waiting for documents to error out of a process, planned user validation can be built into the capture workflow, catching issues before they become potential problems. In the Batch Manager, users can see the full history of their documents, including which Process Fields and Actions have been assigned. This document capture automation webinar will demonstrate how to secure access to batches during validation processes while controlling access of sensitive documents throughout Capture and Process workflows, maintaining ease of access to required documents, simplifying employee access to departmental documents, and more.

GlobalCapture® Webinar Series Part III: GlobalCapture as a Standalone Solution


As a standalone platform, GlobalCapture can be used to front end any document management solution. With GlobalCapture, data can be pushed to a network folder including Google Docs or SharePoint. The user experience for designing capture workflows is all in the web, but then capture as a service can be launched from anywhere including multi-functional printers and hot folders. Through this document capture automation webinar, end users will gain the ability to capture, enhance, optimize, extract, validate, route and release documents at top efficiency with GlobalCapture. Yet GlobalCapture serves the needs of all business users – even those who aren’t leveraging Square 9’s ECM solution.

GlobalCapture® Webinar Series Part II: Migrating Your Existing Capture Workflow to GlobalCapture


With the SmartSearch 4.4 release, end users will gain the enhanced ability to capture, extract, validate, route and release documents through the power of GlobalCapture. GlobalCapture will be replacing Capture Workflow, which allows the enhanced capture automation engine to also be sold as a standalone solution that can be used with any ECM or storage platform. In Part II of the GlobalCapture Webinar Series, learn how to migrate existing Capture Workflow processes into the enhanced GlobalCapture solution.

GlobalCapture® Webinar Series: Preview Square 9’s Next Generation Document Capture Automation Engine


Whether digital or hard copy documents, the key to efficiently leveraging business information is extracting and aggregating data to be measured, analyzed, understood and acted on. This July, Square 9 will be launching a platform for efficiency that will transform data into high value information, shaping business insight and contributing to improved decision making. Learn how to easily capture, validate and classify high volumes of multi-formatted documents, converting data into actionable information though this capture automation webinar.

Configuring Workflows that Leverage GlobalForms to Push Data through a Process


Via a simple browser-based interface, GlobalForms delivers the ability to create rich and dynamic web-based forms for streamlined data capture and processing. One of GlobalForms’s most powerful capabilities, however, is in its workflow functionality. This web forms management video shows you how to use a GlobalForms web form to move information through a complete multi-step workflow process. Features include routing through multiple levels of approvers as well as repurposing information for an existing ERP or Accounting application.

Hire to Retire: Streamlining Human Resources Management


Eliminate the paper intensive structure of employee management by implementing Square 9’s Hire to Retire solution for Human Resources. This single solution leverages web forms to streamline the full course of employee hiring while simplifying your HR department’s document heavy processes. Hire to Retire improves document creation, routing, e-signature capabilities and retention policies, saving valuable time for your HR team.

Integrating SmartSearch with QuickBooks for Improved Accounting Accuracy


Elevate your accounting productivity with Square 9’s QuickBooks Connections, the all-in-one solution for streamlining bill creation, invoice approval and document routing. Closely integrated with the QuickBooks® accounting platform, QuickBooks Connections creates a single, highly efficient process, eliminating manual data entry while streamlining data capture to and from both SmartSearch and GlobalSearch. In this document capture automation webinar, we will walk you through the typical accounts payable process and how it can be instantly improved through user initiated data pushes that automatically create bills, customer invoices and perform three-way matching.

Streamline Accounts Payable Automation with Square 9’s Purchase to Pay


Imagine having your vendors send invoices to an email address that Purchase to Pay monitors, automatically imports, and routes through your office for various approval stages. Implementing the Purchase to Pay solution will dramatically speed up your Accounts Payable processes allowing your team to get more done in less time, with less resources. Purchase to Pay streamlines requisition origination and approval routing, purchase order generation and distribution to vendors, AP/ GL coding that can be fed to an existing Accounting application, three way matching and more. Watch our AP Automation tips to see how Purchase to Pay can instantly boost the efficiency of your Accounting department.

Making Your Business Documents Available Through a Public Portal in GlobalSearch®


It’s a fairly common practice for members of the Square 9 user community to make documents available to people outside their organization, to not only improve vendor and client relations but also reduce administrative costs. A new, increasing demand from our user community has been to provide access to a specific subset of documents to the public without requiring any credentials or authorization process. This is known as a public portal. This type of self service for public records reduces the need for staff to provide this type of “on demand” information, while streamlining the role and responsibilities of a business to its customers.

An Introduction to Square 9’s GlobalAction® Business Process Management


Offering tremendous strength and flexibility, GlobalAction automates your business process in a snap! In this webinar, learn how to design an end-to-end visual representation of your business process that’s ready for action. Via an easy to use drag & drop interface, create an initiation point and add your choice of Process Nodes to the design palette to establish touch points for each decision or action. By leveraging the power of GlobalAction, organizations will operate more efficiently. In this business process management video you will see for yourself how GlobalAction will enable your business processes to be as seamless as possible.