Square 9 for Distribution

Distribution & Logistics Document Management Software

Manage distribution documents more efficiently across locations and eliminate the documents that slow down deliveries with ECM software.

Search and locate delivery information
Improve processes and provide company-wide access to documents
Streamline Proof of Delivery process

Securely store and instantly access all your critical documents when and where you need them

Automate the scanning of documents to simplify the process of scanning and filing Bills of Lading, Proof of Delivery, Drivers Logs, and more into a secured cloud repository. Streamline Proof of Delivery processing with automated data capture from your multifunctional printer (MFP),

Easily access information with a variety of search methods, including Delivery Data, Route Number, Destination, or Product Delivered.

Easily transform printed information from BOLs, PODs, and other delivery documents, extracting high-value information that can be shared across your organization

Decrease administrative labor costs by eliminating paper-based filing.


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Improve your distribution processes with Square 9

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  • Streamlined process automation
  • Efficient OCR data extraction improving the speed at which you capture data
  • Prebuilt solutions for fast and easy implementation
  • Scalable solutions for organizations of all sizes
  • Growing library of powerful Web Forms to get you started fast
  • Free e-learning for your entire organization on their schedule
Success Stories

GlobalSearch® Document Management Software Delivers Efficiency for Wholesale Distributor

The documents Bozzuto’s needs to manage its accounts include customer statements, which are weekly summaries of customers’ account activity; delivery tickets, which serve as proofs of delivery; and credit memos, which document and authorize returns—all generated by the Accounts Receivable (AR) Department. Delivery tickets and credit memos are carried by Bozzuto’s drivers, signed by customers, and then returned. More than 500 delivery tickets are generated daily, and more than 700 statements are produced each week.

Our improved efficiency with GlobalSearch is saving us a great deal of time,” said Barbara Palen, Accounts Receivable Supervisor, “and this translates directly into cost savings. We estimate that we are saving tens of thousands of dollars annually in labor costs associated with filing and retrieving vital documents and in other areas, and this means that GlobalSearch is paying for itself over time.

Barbara Palen

Accounts Receivable Supervisor
Bozzuto’s Inc.

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