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At Square 9, we believe we can improve the way business is done by changing how you interact with business content. We celebrate with our customers as they achieve important goals thanks to the efficiency, cost-savings, opportunities that come with a digital transformation, including Enterprise Content Management, Capture Automation, Business Process Automation, and Web Forms.

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Our Story

From our humble start at a coffee shop in New Haven Connecticut’s historic 9th Square district, Square 9’s founders saw a unique opportunity to democratize the market for Enterprise Content Management software. Previously only affordable to large enterprise corporations at that time, we envisioned a way to bring ECM solutions that scaled up and down to all customers, allowing small and medium-sized companies to benefit as well from digital transformation.

Now, with a growing multinational market and a constantly expanding team of industry professionals, Square 9 Softworks continues to push the boundaries of what our solutions can do while even further revolutionizing the ECM industry. With the launch of our cloud hosted Solutions Delivery Network in 2020, Square 9 introduced the concept of predesigned, industry proven applications that serve as the foundation for your digital transformation strategy; regardless of organizational size. From the smallest company to the largest corporation, our goal is to simplify the process of digital transformation like never before while removing any and all obstacles to business automation.


Incubated in New Haven’s 9th Square District

Division created to focus on the standalone solutions for document management.


200% Customer Growth in Six months!

Due to the exponential growth in the ECM line, Square 9 incorporates to focus on building these popular tools



Received Fall Pick Award, Document Management Solution from Buyer’s Laboratory, Inc. (BLI)



Pick of the Year, Outstanding SMB Document Management Solution Buyer’s Laboratory, Inc. (BLI)



Marcum Tech Top 40 Award: Top 10 Fastest Growing Company in CT



Ranked 10th on Inc.’s Top Connecticut Companies and Inner City 100 Icons of Industry Growth Award



ABBYY Technology Summit Rising Star Award and Voted Best Software Developer Cannata Report



Inaugural award winner of “Best Software Developer” from The Cannata Report


Decades of experience in solution delivery led to the SDN

Introduced the Solutions Delivery Network (SDN),  a growing library of pre-built, downloadable solutions for quickly capturing, storing, protecting, and retrieving information.


GlobalCapture in the cloud allowed for a complete digital transformation cloud solution

Added GlobalCapture Cloud Transformation Services giving customers a capture automation solution for cloud computing



GlobalSearch® Receives 2022 Pick Award for Outstanding Business Process Management Solution

Industry Recognition

Recognized by G2 as a Leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Spring 2023

#1 fastest growing software company in Connecticut by CTC

Ranked 2015 best software developer by the Canata Report

Recognized by G2 as a Easiest To Do Business With in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for Spring 2023

Received prestigious 5-star rating in 2015 from Buyer’s Lab

Recognized by G2 as High Performer in Onboarding for Spring 2023

#1650 fastest growing company in America on Inc. 5000 list

Recognized by G2 as Best Content Management Products for 2023

BLI Software Pick Award for Outstanding Business Process Management Solution

Recognized by G2 as a Leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for Summer 2022

Recognized by G2 as a Leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Fall 2022

Recognized by G2 as a Leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Winter 2023

Culture & Careers

The Square 9 community takes pride in our work, and are continuously striving to produce the best enterprise content management and document capture automation solutions on the market. As a young, vibrant, and FUN company— Square 9 employees know how to work hard while enjoying themselves along the way.

This lighthearted but dedicated attitude has led to phenomenal growth as a community and a company. We may play the occasional game but we also deliver game-changing solutions every day.

We make life easier for our customers, so they have more time, energy, and money for the important things in work and life.

We check in daily to anticipate what’s on the horizon, so our products adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

Our team sets us apart, so we set them up to succeed.

Service isn’t secondary: our fast, expert support staff is why we have a customer retention rate of over 96%.

Join a growing team where you can flourish alongside collaborative colleagues & dedicated leadership

Square 9 Softworks is looking for motivated and talented people to share in our tremendous growth. If you’re looking for a position with unlimited advancement potential that allows you to develop your skills while creating solutions you can be proud of, Square 9 is the place for you.

We don’t mean to brag, but it’s great here!
  • We’re changing the world of business automation
  • Square 9 is the land of opportunity (triple-digit growth in the last 5 years!)
  • We love what we do, and we’re passionate about our industry
  • We actively promote from within, creating robust career paths
Current career opportunities

As a Support Engineer at Square 9, you will provide Level 2 and 3 support for customers and re-sellers deploying next generation document and content management solutions.


As a Software Engineer at Square 9, you will develop next generation document and content management solutions. Development is agile, and creativity and attention to detail are critical.


As a QA analyst, you will be diligently focused on finding and reporting on software defects before they hit a production release. Development is agile, and creativity and attention to detail are critical.


The Implementation Specialist I position is an entry level position for technically minded individuals that enjoy software delivery, database platforms and business process improvement.


Square 9 Softworks seeks a self-directed, motivated and multitalented technical professional with a record of exceeding expectations in the area of solutions development. The ideal candidate has a consultative approach with the ability to design solution based sales projects and develop key customer relationships.



Our old, paper-based contract workflow process had many snags – lost documents, unknown status, incomplete signatures, and no tracking of milestone dates. Square9 allowed us to easily design a system that mirrored our workflow, provided easy ways to upload documents, and most importantly – uses automatic reminders of milestone events based on dates in the actual contract. We are very much looking forward to its full implementation as our employees get used to navigating a new system and have every confidence that it will create great efficiencies for the organization!

Kat Haas

Elder Care Alliance

During the first year of our partnership with Square 9, we have implemented 10 new workflows that have substantially improved efficiency across our organization. Our after school program now offers online applications for parents, our maintenance department processes all work requests, and in response to COVID-19, case managers were able to remotely submit electronic requests for client financial assistance.

Joseph Hogberg

Business Process Manager, PS Industries Incorporated

GlobalSearch has saved our company from paying expensive fines and hours upon hours of work. We no longer lose files or misplace paperwork. I cannot imagine doing Human Resources anywhere without GlobalSearch. When someone needs information on an employee there is no longer the frustration of trying to find the document. I can’t imagine how much money and time we have saved.

Teresa Sherwood

Implementing GlobalSearch was very successful, and we did achieve the business value we had anticipated. This may be the first time in my professional career that I got exactly what I paid for.

Russ Hoehn

Now with Square 9’s solutions, we have the ability to set up automatic emails that can go directly to the intended person. So, instead of having to print out documents, email or fax them, employees can receive the necessary information and documents right to their inbox. Productivity has gone up a great deal now that this several step process has been automated and it has also helped ensure things get where they need to be on time

Lyle Gottfried

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