Square 9 for Automotive

Auto Dealership Document Management Software

Square 9’s solutions help you easily capture, store, and retrieve business-critical documents like repair orders and deal jackets and automatically manage their retention rates.

Documents are readily available for audits and legal claims
Customers are served quickly and efficiently
Reduce document storage, search, and retrieval costs

Make complex vehicle sales and repairs a breeze with repair orders, deal jackets, and vehicle history records at your fingertips 

Simplify the process of scanning and filing Repair Orders and Deal Jackets into a secured cloud repository.

Secure and manage records in coordination with retention policies as outlined by both state agencies and the United States Department of Transportation.

Easily access information to satisfy MVD inquires or to protect against consumer protection inquires.

Automatically route documents across departments like repair orders with our workflow manager for optimal efficiency.

Reduce labor costs by eliminating paper-based filing with document management software.

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Automotive Essentials tailors Square 9 tools to your dealerships unique needs

Repair Orders

Access documentation quickly

Repair history, reports, and all vehicle related documents are available instantly to service technicians, advisors, customer service representatives, and other authorized users speeding up processes and improving customer service levels.

See how one automotive dealership’s technicians use GlobalSearch to view the repair history of vehicles they are servicing aiding in diagnosing problems and ensuring that repairs are perfected and comply with manufacturer documentation requirements.


Deal Jackets

Reduce costs 

Eliminating paper-based document including repair orders, parts orders, sales deal jackets, invoices, accounting, and warranties allows you to:

  • Free up space for revenue generating activities
  • Lower administrative labor costs
  • Save thousands of dollars in the event of a warranty audit

According to the National Auto Dealers Association, on average, a dealership will spend $20 in labor to file a document, $120 in labor to find a misfiled document and $220 in labor to reproduce a lost document.


Manage compliance and audits

Be prepared in the event of an unexpected audit by automatically indexing documents in an easily searchable database that allows the service department to pull documentation related to warranty claims, potentially saving the dealership thousands of dollars in the event of a warranty audit


According to The Center for Automotive Research (CAR), the average dealership spends close to $200,000 annually on overall regulatory compliance.

Transform your dealership into highly efficient, virtually paperless business with Automotive Essentials

Let us help your automotive business on your digital transformation journey to simplifying common business tasks

  • Intuitively designed for ease of use 
  • Streamlined process automation
  • Efficient OCR data extraction improving the speed at which you capture data
  • Prebuilt solutions for fast and easy implementation
  • Scalable solutions for organizations of all sizes
  • Growing library of powerful Web Forms to get you started fast
  • Free e-learning for your entire organization on their schedule
Success Stories

GlobalSearch® Document Management Software Revs Up Efficiency for Busy Auto Dealer

The Donley Auto Group was burdened by the buildup of vehicle repair orders across several dealership locations. Now efficiently organized with GlobalSearch, Donley cut paper costs by 50%, and reduced employee labor costs by 20% while curving employee efforts toward customer service and driving in sales.

GlobalSearch resolved many customer relations issues and has definitely helped us to retain customers. Within five months of adopting it, we’ve expanded the use of GlobalSearch to our accounting, human resources and parts departments and want to double our user licenses. This affordable, easy to use solution has worked very well for us, I would not hesitate to recommend GlobalSearch to others.

Candy Bores

IT Manager
Donley Auto Group

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