AR Automation Software

By automating payment processing, you’ll end monotonous data entry and finally have accurate visibility into cash flow, helping you maximize the efficiency and accuracy of critical accounts receivable data.

Easily track payments
Ensure record retention compliance
Encourage customer self-service

Get instant access to the information you need with AR automation, even with remote or distributed teams

Quickly share proof of delivery information with customers through easy access to your documents and improve customer relationships and retention.

Create a seamless process for payments. Invoices can be made available for customers to pay immediately, eliminating gaps and delays in payment that might otherwise be the norm.

Encourage customer self-service with web form payments options saving you and your customers time.

Easily track a customer’s credit and payment terms by instantly pulling up all documents sharing that client’s customer number.

Organize all your receivables in one secure location for quick access, even from remote locations.

Maximizing your cash flow

Convenient Web Forms

Move to a paperless payment process

Eliminate paper invoices by using a convenient online web form payment option – your customers will thank you, and you’ll receive payments faster, reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

No More Duplicate Entry

Leverage AR automation to reduce order processing costs

Use data capture automation, including scan, email, or drag and drop, to quickly import account receivable documents directly into a secure, centralized repository eliminating manual entry and costly repetitive tasks.

Automatic Follow Up

Encourage prompt payments with AR automation

  • Provide faster proof of delivery, the amount owed, and due dates to ensure payments are made quickly and on time
  • Automate processes to reduce the number of reminders required for payment and free up your time to focus on more value-added tasks
  • Track payment status for early or late payments to be in full control of all invoices and optimize cash management

Repetitive manual tasks and impossible to find documents are a thing of the past

Bogged down by frequent, repetitive, common tasks that don’t inspire you? Request a demo of our AR automation software. Digital transformation solutions for accounts receivable from Square 9 Softworks can make common tasks simplified so you can spend your time on more engaging and purposeful.

  • Reduce order processing time and costs through data capture automation
  • Provide quick, easy access to proof of delivery information
  • Automate remittance processing
  • Access AR documents remotely
  • Ensure records retention compliance
  • Free e-learning for your entire organization on their schedule
Success Stories

GlobalSearch® Drives Efficient Deliveries for Established Beverage Distributor

Throughout Oregon’s restaurant, bar and hospitality scene, Fick Cigar Company may be an unfamiliar name, but it holds great significance to these businesses today. Dating back to 1933, Fick Cigar Co. distributed candy, cigarettes and cigars – that is, until prohibition was repealed. Located in a warehouse in downtown Portland, the company began selling Olympia beer. With just three delivery trucks, and three drivers, Fick Cigar Co. transformed into General Distributors, Inc., one of today’s leading west coast beverage distributors. Currently located in Oregon City, General Distributors employs over 120 people, making around-the-clock deliveries daily with a robust product offering from over 70 beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverage suppliers.

We keep copies of all parts of each invoice in our files and archive them for approximately seven years. On top of customer deliveries, our salesmen and our “public dock” also sell additional products daily, adding extra invoices for generating such sales. Our daily processes have changed tremendously with GlobalSearch!

Elaine DeBois

Accounts Receivables Specialist at General Distributors, Inc.

AR Automation FAQs


How does ECM help accounts receivable departments?


AR departments process paper and PDFs, including invoices and POs, daily that need to be sorted, indexed, and easily searchable. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) helps manage documents and content more effectively to speed processes, eliminate errors, drive down processing costs.


Can we automatically capture documents?


Yes! Whether you choose to scan your documents and lift crucial data with OCR or fill them out digitally with an online form, we have a solution that will help you capture your receipts, checks, and other AR documents.


Is there a way to reduce days outstanding?


Absolutely! Automating processes helps speed billing to reduce your days outstanding.


How does AR Automation work?


AR automation software converts your documents into a standard digital format and then pushes them through a digital workflow that helps you get paid faster. Using optical character recognition (OCR) to extract information from your documents, you can train your system to recognize common documents and even create new templates for future recognition to eliminate the need for manual intervention.

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Digitize core business processes to accelerate productivity, increase transparency, and save money. Our pre-built solutions are designed to be quick and easy to implement, so you’ll be up, running, and trained in just days without disruptions to your existing processes.

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