Product Videos

Getting Started with GlobalSearch 4.5

Ready to explore what the new web interface for GlobalSearch 4.5 has to offer? This video series is about 30 minutes in length and will quickly familiarize you with different aspects of the browser client, including newly enhanced features and functionality.

Process Automation Demonstration

What is Business Process Management? Discover the Art of Process Automation

For document-intensive companies, Square 9’s award-winning ECM solutions drive increased productivity through process automation. Learn about the unique tools that streamline process performance.

Document Capture Automation Product Videos

What is Document Capture Software? Discover The Art of Capture Automation

By classifying, extracting, and validating large volumes of documents, GlobalCapture® quickly and accurately captures and shares data with other business applications, turning information into intelligence.

Technical Tip Series

ECM Software Technical Video Series

This video series will help users acquire maximum efficiency with GlobalSearch document management software, ensuring a profitable increase in overall office productivity.

GlobalCapture Convey Demo

Document Capture Essentials

With its customizable design, GlobalCapture Convey converts valuable data into actionable information, allowing your team to work with a greater level of intelligence.

GlobalSearch Product Video

Manage Business Efficiency with ECM

Watch this short demo to learn how GlobalSearch document management software enables organizations to increase productivity by taking processes digital.

Image XChange Content Enabled Search

Image Enabled Search

Image XChange enhances daily productivity by instantly searching on-screen data to retrieve documents directly from the applications you use most, without ever opening GlobalSearch®.

File XChange WIndows File System Integration

Windows File Integration

See how File XChange enables users to search, view, edit, and add documents seamlessly in any business application using GlobalSearch and Windows Explorer.

KeyFree Indexing Demonstration

OCR-Assisted Data Entry

In this demo highlighting KeyFree Indexing, we show how any user can pull data from scanned images with ease, accuracy, and efficiency - without manual data entry.

GlobalForms Product Video

Web Forms Management

With GlobalForms, learn how to turn paper-based documents into dynamic web-based forms that submit directly into the GlobalSearch document management solution.