Product Videos

Document Capture Automation Product Videos

The Art of Capture Automation

GlobalCapture® automatically classifies, extracts, and validates large volumes of documents. This document capture automation video shows how captured data can be shared with other business applications, turning information into business intelligence.

Technical Tip Series

Technical Tip Video Series

This series of technical guidelines will help users acquire maximum efficiency with GlobalSearch document management software.

GlobalCapture Convey Demo

GlobalCapture® Convey Demonstration

GlobalCapture Convey® converts valuable data into actionable information, allowing you to work with a greater level of intelligence.

Process Automation Demonstration

The Art of Process Automation

For document-intensive companies, Square 9 Softworks develops award-winning solutions for process automation that drive increased productivity.

GlobalSearch Product Video

GlobalSearch® Demonstration

See how GlobalSearch document management software enables organizations to manage business more efficiently by taking document processes digital.

GlobalForms Product Video

GlobalForms® Demonstration

In this web forms management video you can learn how to turn paper based forms into dynamic web based forms that submit directly into the GlobalSearch document management solution.

KeyFree Indexing Demonstration

KeyFree Indexing Demonstration

In this KeyFree Indexing demonstration we show how rapidly you can pull high value data from scanned images.

Automated Extraction Demonstration

Automated Data Extraction Demonstration

In this short document management software video, advanced data extraction with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools are used to change the way you look at capture automation.