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Square 9 Softworks

As a trendsetting software development firm, Square 9 is a creative force in the next generation of both on-premises and cloud-enabled content management solutions.

Business Essentials

Digitally transform how you capture, share, and manage information by transforming core business departments including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, and Contract Management.

What Digital Transformation using Education Essentials can do for K-12 Schools

Digitally Transform your K-12 school with Square 9 Softworks Education Essentials.

Square 9 Cloud ECM

See how your organization can cut costs, improve collaboration, stay compliant with federal and state regulations, secure content and be prepared in the event of any disaster with cloud enterprise content management from Square 9.

Return to Work Essentials

For businesses looking to reopen safely and securely during the COVID-19 pandemic, Return to Work Essentials is a cloud-hosted solution that provides an entirely touchless, health screening process.

Square 9 GlobalSearch Integrates with DocuSign

Learn how you can get digital signatures on contracts, agreements, waivers, and other documents you securely store in GlobalSearch from anywhere, faster, and easier than ever before.

Accounts Payable Automation

AP Automation can improve your bottom line. Accounts Payable processing is a universal challenge that businesses must look at from a strategic approach.

Education Essentials

K-12 school districts of all sizes are discovering how digital transformation saves on paper, file cabinets, and physical space and frees educators from the continuous processing, filing, and searching of documents that reside outside their student information systems.

GlobalSearch ECM Software Video Demonstration

Take a look at Square 9's award-winning GlobalSearch Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software and learn how the solutions can help you manage critical document data throughout your organization.

Scanning to the Cloud with DirectConnect

DirectConnect is a new utility that delivers your documents to GlobalSearch C2, our cloud-hosted enterprise content management system from virtually any multifunction printer, multifunction device, network scanner.

Image XChange Content Enabled Search

Find Stored Documents Fast with Image XChange

Welcome to the Square 9 Tech Tip on Image XChange, a powerful integration tool that allows users to search for GlobalSearch documents from within any application. We invite you to discover three simple ways to use Image XChange in your business!

GlobalCapture Convey Demo

Document Capture with GlobalCapture® Convey

GlobalCapture Convey Plus from Square 9 was designed to capture, classify, and validate data from high volumes of multi-formatted documents. Let's take a brief look into GlobalCapture Convey Plus with RapidAdapt Forms Learning.

Document Capture Automation Product Videos

What is Document Capture Software? Discover The Art of Capture Automation

By classifying, extracting, and validating large volumes of documents, GlobalCapture® quickly and accurately captures and shares data with other business applications, turning information into intelligence.

Process Automation Demonstration

What is Business Process Management? Discover the Art of Process Automation

For document-intensive companies, Square 9’s award-winning ECM solutions drive increased productivity through process automation. Learn about the unique tools that streamline process performance.

Technical Tip Series

ECM Software Technical Video Series

This video series will help users acquire maximum efficiency with GlobalSearch document management software, ensuring a profitable increase in overall office productivity.

Document Capture Essentials

With its customizable design, GlobalCapture Convey converts valuable data into actionable information, allowing your team to work with a greater level of intelligence.

Streamlining Accounts Payable Processes

Learn how Purchase to Pay enables accounting departments of all sizes to become more streamlined and cost effective.

File XChange WIndows File System Integration

How It Works: Windows File Integration

See how File XChange enables users to search, view, edit, and add documents seamlessly in any business application using GlobalSearch and Windows Explorer.

KeyFree Indexing Demonstration

OCR-Assisted Data Entry

In this demo highlighting KeyFree Indexing, we show how any user can pull data from scanned images with ease, accuracy, and efficiency - without manual data entry.