Square 9 for Tax

Digital Tax Records Storage

By automating the collection and storage of tax records such as W-9s, resale, and tax-exempt certificates with Square 9 solutions, you’ll protect your organization from penalties and be able to answer questions quickly without spending hours searching for the right information.

Easily collect tax documentation
Ensure government compliance
Access tax records remotely

Get instant access to the information you need, even with remote or distributed teams

Locate key documents such as resale and use and tax-exempt certificates to speed up any tax auditing process.

Use web forms to efficiently collect Form W-9 and give your partners a secure way to submit their documentation.

Utilize capture automation tools to help you more easily capture document information and eliminate human errors.

Ensure you meet required government regulations regarding access to documentation and avoid potential penalties.

Simplifying common, monotonous, manual tasks and put your time to better use.

The answer to all your tax record challenges


Move to a paperless collection process

Web forms make collecting W-9s fast and simple. Forms include a single-page, secure form for the intake of both individual and business information and a form for easy upload of W-9s for those partners who already have a completed document. 


Permission-based tax document management

Secure, permission-based storage, management, and retrieval repository for tax documents or records.


Automate all common tax tasks

  • Provide fast access to all tax documents to speed access in the event of an audit
  • Collect W-9s either as uploaded PDF or an intake web form offering options and convenience to your vendors and partners
  • Set automated reminders for removal and destruction of records you no longer need to store based on the statute of limitations
  • Securely access and manage tax records from anywhere

Repetitive, impossible to find tax documents are a thing of the past

Bogged down by frequent, repetitive, common tasks that don’t inspire you? Our tax document management software can make common tasks simplified so you can spend your time on more engaging and purposeful work.

  • Reduce time spent searching for tax-related paperwork
  • Secure personal identifiable information while always being compliant and audit-ready
  • Save countless hours with capture automation at a low cost
  • Automate tax processes and tax record collection
  • Access tax records remotely
  • Free e-learning for your entire organization on their schedule

Tax Document Forms to get you up and running quickly

  • Form W-9 Intake
  • Form W-9 Upload

Don’t Start from scratch: we have pre-built solutions that let you get started in just one day.

Digitize core business processes to accelerate productivity, increase transparency, and save money. Our pre-built solutions are designed to be quick and easy to implement, so you’ll be up, running, and trained in just days without disruptions to your existing processes. 

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