3 Key Aspects of any Enterprise Content Management Strategy

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) acronym spelled out on paper
The market for Enterprise Content Management solutions is in a tremendous growth period as companies speed up their digital transformation plans amidst unprecedented global market shifts. Estimated at $12.94 billion in 2018, the ECM market is expected to more than double within 10 years to $32.3 billion in 2027 (Statista). As companies begin transitioning into… Read More

Why Businesses Are Automating Human Resources and You Should Too

Human Resources departments have certainly been keeping busy these past few years. Between a massive global shift towards remote work in 2020 and the incredibly high volume of job openings we’re now seeing in 2022, HR specialists have been tasked with everything from creating new training initiatives and re-evaluating hiring qualifications to finding new ways… Read More

Age of Information: The Steps and Benefits to Going Completely Paperless

Throughout history, there have been countless ways to capture information, with each invention improving on the shortcomings of the last. The ancient Sumerians wrote on clay tablets until the Egyptians introduced papyrus which held information much more compactly. The printing press eventually allowed information to be copied en masse, but now in the very age… Read More

Do More With Less: How Document Automation Software Can Help You Keep Up Amidst Labor Shortages

So far, one of the biggest challenges businesses have faced in 2022 has been trying to fill job openings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the labor force participation rate has dropped from 63.7 to 61.6 over the last 10 years, and with many baby boomers retiring, we are starting to see the effects.… Read More

Like a Gift-Bearing Party-Guest, Cloud Is a Welcome Addition to Any Digital Transformation

Cloud Digital Transformation
Going paperless has a slew of benefits that range from locating documents with ease to streamlining and automating common office tasks. Drawboard.com estimates that the average business could save $9,897 per team member on time savings with an additional $5,026 per project on printing sheets. This process of taking traditional paper tasks and using software… Read More

How Digitally Transforming Your School District Can Lead To Higher Employee Satisfaction

Satisfied Teacher Enjoying Teaching
For the faculty, staff, educators, and administrators in any K-12 school system, paperwork is a begrudgingly accepted part of the job. Districts are responsible for information ranging from student health and academic records to teacher certifications and maintenance requests. All of this paperwork can be time-consuming to process, taking attention away from the more critical… Read More

Start The New Year Fresh: Using ECM To Automate Document Retention & Destruction

Document Retention and Destruction
The New Year is widely viewed as a clean slate, a time to let go of the old and bring in the new. Data retention policies follow a similar cycle. Documents are created or received, stored for a specified amount of time, and then inevitably disposed of to make room for new documents. These policies… Read More

Boost Productivity in Your Organization (Or Workshop) With PO Automation

We’ve just come to the tail end of the Holiday season when everyone’s favorite man in a red suit travels across the world in a single night to deliver gifts. While we can only dream of reaching this level of efficiency in our business departments, digitally transforming key business processes like those surrounding purchase orders… Read More

3 Reasons to Digitally Transform Your Tax Compliance

When most people think about the confusing forms and regulations surrounding taxes, a collective groan comes to mind. Although we can’t make taxes magically disappear, digitally transforming the way you handle your compliance can simplify the process immensely. The benefits to a digital transformation are numerous, some of the most notable ones for tax compliance… Read More

4 Helpful Tools That Can Support Your Digital Transformation

A well-designed ECM solution streamlines business, reduces costs, and boosts efficiency, but there are oftentimes ways to further the benefits from your solutions. Most ECM packages contain tools that are often free and aid in boosting the effectiveness of your solution. As with all products, however, the tools worth having often depend on your needs.… Read More