Cloud Computing Continues to Simplify Life

Within the last decade, cloud computing has become a must have capability for many software services. Streaming is now the main medium for consuming music and video, while programs like Google Docs and Office 365 have brought standard business tools to the web. Today, more companies are switching from using a “flat fee to install”… Read More

Document Capture Automation Improves Your Work With Data

Your business deals with documents on a constant basis. Without technology in place, organizing the different types of files and contact points for written communication can be intense. You might have paper contracts, email and attachments, faxes, and web forms all integral to the same client or customer file. This is where capture automation becomes… Read More

Augment MFP Deployments with Desktop Scanners

Recognizing and managing uncontrolled information is an overwhelming challenge for businesses today. A recent AIIM study found that 81% of organizations understand the impact that mismanaged data has on employees, specifically remote workers. Yet they fail to implement an effective solution to tackle this process inefficiency. Data inconsistencies caused by uncontrolled information leads to unreliable… Read More

Document Capture Solutions: Automation to Fit Your Everyday Needs

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There are many myths about document capture solutions and how these applications work. Many people assume capture technologies are too complex and costly. Or, they consider their current scanning frequency too low to gain the true benefits of capture automation. But these theories no longer suffice. Regardless of company size and scanning capacity, document capture… Read More

Document Capture Automation: Scanning Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

According to AIIM research, 43% of respondents say removal of paper from processes should be a constant objective. So why not start where paper processes meet digital efficiency – at the scanner. Whether you’re scanning from a multifunctional printer or a production scanner, having a universal point of entry for documents makes solving common business… Read More

How Capture Automation Software Paves the Path to Efficiency

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In today’s increasingly competitive world, it’s essential to measure daily productivity. To keep pace, your business needs to run as efficiently as possible, especially when time and resources are limited. It is up to you to take advantage of the ideal opportunity to work smarter, not harder.

Why Your Accounting Document Management isn’t Working

Organizations of various industries implement electronic accounting systems to help keep bills straight while managing customer invoices and other bookkeeping processes. However, many of these users tend to misinterpret accounting systems as document management solutions. Accounting systems do not focus on ECM strategies because that is not their core competency. Document management manufacturers are completely… Read More

Strategies in Document Management: Barcode Recognition

The utilization of barcodes has transitioned right alongside the evolution of technology. Barcodes have transformed so that even a smartphone has the ability to scan for information on products, play music, and enter contests. Computers easily read these embedded encryptions, and innovative organizations are taking full advantage of their capabilities.