Customer Success: Increasing Accounts Payable Accuracy with Capture Automation

With a broad range of customizable features, it’s easy to see why so many organizations rely on Square 9’s GlobalCapture document capture automation software to help them work more intelligently with their documents. As a powerful yet flexible solution, GlobalCapture scans and extracts business critical data from everyday documents to deliver a single path for the flow of all business information.

One of the most common areas to start with capture solutions is in the Accounts Payable department. Solutions like GlobalCapture enable any accounting team to automate and streamline AP invoice capture, data entry, routing, and approval processes. But don’t just take our word for it! Read on to discover how a real Square 9 customer augmented their paperless journey by automating data capture and distribution for all incoming invoices.

The Challenge
Based in Cincinnati, OH, The Miami Corporation is a supplier of upholstery and outdoor fabric suitable for automotive, marine, industrial, and hospitality applications. Founded in 1923, The Miami Corporation has grown to provide over 25,000 products to customers across the United States. Working directly with hundreds of vendors, the Accounting team at The Miami Corporation processes thousands of invoices weekly, with over 90% sent electronically in large multi-page files. Having to manually extract the individual invoice pages from each digital file was a very time consuming and tedious process. In addition, when invoices were sent via the postal service, staff members had to scan and properly name and organize each invoice digitally.

The Solution
The Miami Corporation embarked on an extensive software review that spanned several months. In the end, enterprise content management developer Square 9 Softworks, best met The Miami Corporation’s capture needs, while remaining at a cost the company could afford. The Miami Corporation implemented Square 9’s GlobalCapture document capture automation solution to streamline invoice processing with increased data accuracy. With GlobalCapture, staff members can simply drops their files into a hot folder, where pages are automatically separated those into named documents based on the criteria of their templates. GlobalCapture recognizes incoming files and automatically separates them into the appropriate archives for processing. As each document is automatically named, the system extracts key document data for index fields. This helps keep files organized and staff members informed of critical payment information.

The Result
With over 70 document templates now in their capture system, Square 9’s software has been a huge time saver for The Miami Corporation. Tackling a high volume of incoming documents, GlobalCapture keeps business moving as Accounting staff can now spend much less time handling electronic documents and more time actually processing vouchers. Having integrated unique capture workflows into their existing process has increased The Miami Corporation’s productivity by 40%  – while saving their Accounts Payable Specialist over 16 hours per week! The Miami Corporation is currently planning to expand their use of Square 9’s solutions to help process expense related documents, including the direct importing of voucher information into their accounting software for increased visibility and more accurate data keeping.

Square 9 offers a library of customer case studies about pain points our clients faced and were able to solve through process automation solutions!

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