AP Automation Software

Purchase to Pay AP Automation Streamlines Accounts Payable Processes

Extract high value accounting information without slowing the flow of business processes with Square 9’s AP automation solution. AP automation software allows you to handle the routing, matching, approval and distribution of purchase orders, invoices and more.

AP Automation Challenges

AP Challenges

  • Repetitive manual data entry
  • Tedious search and retrieval process
  • Mismanaged payments and processing delays
  • Missed deadlines and double payments
  • Over and underpayments due to data entry errors
  • Constant influx of invoices, purchases orders and packing slips
AP Automation Solutions

AP Automation Solutions

  • High speed capture of records
  • Instantly extract high value information
  • Automatically route documents for approval
  • Share data with existing accounting applications
  • Stay compliant with all IRS mandates
  • Automatically prompt unwanted documents for destruction

Purchase to Pay AP Automation Provides Departments the Ability To:

  • Square 9 ECM

    Effortlessly process requisitions

  • Square 9 ECM

    Streamline approval routing

  • Square 9 ECM

    Generate purchase orders

  • Square 9 ECM

    Integrate with financial systems

  • Square 9 ECM

    Stay Secure & compliant with the IRS

  • Square 9 ECM

    Automate AP/GL coding

  • Square 9 ECM

    Instantly perform a three-way match

  • Square 9 ECM

    Improve indexing with OCR enabled scanning

AP Automation Case Study

GlobalSearch Puts the Power of Accounting Accuracy in OTA Management’s Hands

“With Purchase to Pay, we save at least 5 hours every week between printing and filing. Our personnel costs are drastically lower, considering the accounts payable process is much more streamlined with fewer errors.”

Dory Hayes
AP Manager, OTA Management
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How Our Accounts Payable Automation Software Works

AP Automation

1. Requisition Submitted

The Purchase to Pay process is initiated by the completion of a requisition form, captured through scanning, web forms submittal or email.

Square 9 Document Capture

2. Email for Approval

After the form is captured, it is automatically routed by email for review, approval and further routing. Once approved, a purchase order is generated for vendor distribution.

Invoice Scanned

3. Invoice Scanned

When the invoice is received from the vendor, it is then scanned into GlobalSearch®, streamlining data processing while eliminating errors in manual entry.

Three-Way Document Match

4. Three-Way Match

GlobalSearch will then automatically match your incoming invoices to their respective purchase orders and packing slips.

Invoice Approval

5. Invoice Approval

After the three-way match is confirmed, the invoice will be automatically routed for final approval and payment.

Feeds into Financial System

6. Feeds into Financial System

Purchase to Pay can then feed high value data to QuickBooks®, Microsoft Dynamics® and other leading financial systems to accommodate bookkeeping needs.