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Your documents contain an abundance of valuable data, and with the best document management system, you can effectively capture, extract, and categorize business information to ensure it is easily accessible.

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Square 9
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 7 reviews
by Camille Fort on Square 9
Finding information quickly

Details: Square 9 has really helped us organize our contracts and Legal pleadings. We can search for the information we need easily and quickly.

by Chad Hamill, Parts Is Parts, Inc DBA NAPA Auto Parts on Square 9
Improved productivity through time savings

Details: The transition to GlobalSearch has cut the ladies work in the office by 2/3 easily and has allowed them to focus on other aspects of our business. Home run for us.

by Melissa Godinez, Volunteers of America North Louisiana on Square 9
Improving efficiency across our organization

Details: During the first year of our partnership with Square-9, we have implemented 10 new workflows that have substantially improved efficiency across our organization. Our after school program now offers online applications for parents, our maintenance department processes all work requests, and in response to COVID-19, case managers were able to remotely submit electronic requests for client financial assistance. Square-9 is willing to collaborate with customers to ensure that the best workflows are implemented, and there are ample training opportunities to provide support along the way.

by Peg Marshall on Square 9
The people there were really nice...

Details: We have reduced time to process orders both outbound and inbound thus expediting claim submission and increasing cash flow. We have improved multiple process by developing GlobalSearch workflows to automate previously manual processes. Easily configurable and adjustable to fit our processes. Administration is extremely easy, one does not need a degree in computer science to make it work or troubleshoot an issue. Users find it easy to learn and use.

by Lawrence Covitt on Square 9

Details: Data storage, and the ability to quickly find files. The search feature, and the ability to easily store documents. Whenever we need a document, it is so easy to search and find files that have been uploaded into the system.

by Timothy Egan on Square 9

Details: What I love most about the Square9 suite of products is the integration and ease of use. We use both GlobalSearch and GlobalForms, and they work hand in hand. the products have completely changed the way in which we do business. Every department in our organization from HR On-boarding to Accounting, Operations, Legal, and every other department benefits from our Square9 products. We have over 50 GlobalForms in the production environment and have plans for many more. We are continually fine-tuning our workflows in the business. the ease of form creation gives us great flexibility in how we collect data on everything from new employees, inventories, validation forms, check lists and even electronic health records. My end users tell me we would have a mutiny on our hands if we tried to take away GlobalSearch from them. Overall we are very happy with the products.

by Verified Reviewer on Square 9

Details: Increased visibility and reduction in data entry labor costs. Supports both LAN desktop client and web browser for myraid of deployment options. Lots of covenience features such as KeyFree OCR assisted data entry, drag and drop email, Windows Explorer integration. Great price point for user adds and modules comparative to industry.

About Square 9 Document Management Software


At Square 9, we are dedicated to transforming your documents into usable information that allows you to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. In looking at our document management software reviews, you can see that our suite of document management solutions is the answer your company has been looking for.


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Square 9 Document Management Software Benefits


  • Square 9 ECM

    Part of what makes us the best document management system is the fact that we help you streamline your workflow to make everything more efficient. With our GlobalSearch® ECM Software, you can effortlessly retrieve and distribute your business information wherever you are.

  • Square 9 ECM

    Using our GlobalCapture® document capture automation software, you can not only turn scanned images into usable data, but you can easily extract data from emails, email attachments, PDFs, MS Office files, and much more.

  • Square 9 ECM

    With our GlobalAction® document automation solution, you can easily map document actions within a process from anywhere, at any time, helping you get a clear picture of the complete workflow.

  • Square 9 ECM

    Our document management software reviews also rave about our GlobalForms® option, which brings simple, customizable web forms to your company so you can eliminate the inefficiency and waste of resources caused by traditional paper-based practices.

  • Square 9 ECM

    Eliminate unwanted technology infrastructures and unreliable back up processes with our GlobalSearch C2 cloud hosted ECM software. This cost-effective solution protects, secures, and ensures your information is always available through the power of the cloud.

  • Square 9 ECM

    Another feature that makes us the best document management system is our ability to integrate with any of the business applications you are already using, including Outlook®, QuickBooks®, Salesforce™ and more.

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Square 9 Differentiators


With Square 9 as your document management system, you will experience a complete suite of document management products made to streamline your workflow and improve your efficiency. Just one look at our document management software reviews and you can see that we are the best document management system for your business.

Product Details & Specs

  • Deployment
    Cloud, SaaS, Web
    Installed - Windows
    Mobile - Android
    Mobile - iOS
  • Training
    In Person
  • Support
    Business Hours

Document Management Features

  • Access Controls
  • Archiving & Retention
  • Collaboration
  • Compliance Management
  • Document Assembly
  • Document Conversion
  • Document Delivery
  • Document Indexing


  • Electronic Signature
  • Email Management
  • Forms Management
  • Full Text Search
  • OCR
  • Print Management
  • Version Control