Taking the Paper
Out of Work

Paper-based work is a soul-crushing, profit-sapping drag on individual, team, and company productivity. Paper literally smothers innovation, creating a competitive disadvantage.

The Square 9 AI-powered intelligent information management platform takes the paper out of work and makes it easier to get things done with digital workflows that automate many aspects of how you work today. We make it easy by extracting information from scans or PDFs, storing documents in a searchable archive, and building digital twins of your current processes through graphical workflows.

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  • Proven Track Record: With years of experience and a satisfied customer base, Square 9 is a trusted name in the document management industry.
  • Scalability: Our solutions can grow with your business, accommodating your evolving document management needs.
  • Exceptional Support: We provide top-notch customer support to assist you every step of the way.
Trusted and Reliable Solutions

Recognized throughout the industry as a leading solutions provider

Our award-winning document management solutions have been praised by industry experts and recognized for their unique strengths, including:

  • Recognized by G2 as a Leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Winter 2024
  • Recognized by TrustRadius as Best Feature Set, Best Relationship, and Best Value for Price for 2023
  • Recognized by Capterra as Best Value in OCR

A Long History of Satisfied Customers

When our clients are happy, so are we.

Featured Case Study

Economic Development Organization Sparks Productivity and Efficiency with GlobalSearch and QuickBooks Integration

After consolidating their two locations across the street from one another, Lisa Bies, staff accountant at Ann Arbor Spark, was looking for a solution to eliminate the manual paper process in their accounting department.

GlobalSearch has cut down a lot of paper use and printing for Ann Arbor Spark.

“The QuickBooks integration has been such a time saver. I get exactly what I need to process the invoices accurately. Being remote with the pandemic, GlobalSearch has helped us immensely. We no longer have to be in the office or wait for team members to approve the invoices manually,” said Lisa Bies.

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Featured Case Study

School takes an innovative approach toward the way they manage records and information.

All the paperwork across every department was stored in folders in different cabinets, which were already running out of space. Whenever they needed to pull a bill from the previous year to review the numbers, they’d have to go to the Finance department, wait for them to go through the cabinets and sift through to find the one copy. Then the staff has to take the copy, review it, keep it safe, and bring it back for refilling. All this just to pull a quick piece of information. The school was looking for a software that was flexible in terms of integration with the desktop, and the applications they currently use, including PowerSchool. 

Using desktop scanners where they can scan each document and trigger GlobalCapture’s automated workflows to index the data and securely store each file, the Finance team has easily saved a hundred hours in administrative time alone.Thanks to Square 9’s solutions, the majority of the school’s documents have been digitized and shredded. Having easy and immediate access to important information across departments is helping the high school operate like an enterprise. They’ve started the year as a truly paperless organization and look forward to expanding their document management capabilities with intuitive workflow routing and web forms management. 

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Featured Case Study

Commers Water Keeps Information Flowing Throughout Their 3 Locations

Commers Water wanted a solution where all employees had access to their documents at one time. This included implementing digital forms for the sales team to enter new orders, as well as a solution to improve communication throughout their departments. 

Using GlobalForms for their order entry submission process holds everyone accountable. Upper management likes being able to see where documents are throughout the different stages of the workflow they set up. Since implementing GlobalForms, GlobalSearch, and GlobalAction, the sales department has been able to reduced its sales cycle.

“The best part about this solution is the consistent flow of information going to the right place, at the right time properly. I was also happy to see that 50% of our sales staff do not use paper at all anymore by keeping their sales notes on the digital lead form and then making additional notes after the form is stored in the archive,” said Ackerman.

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Hear why our customers love using Square 9.

Square 9 Softworks reviews sourced by G2

Hear why our customers love using Square 9.

Square 9 Softworks reviews sourced by TrustRadius

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