Square 9 GlobalAction

Business Process Management Software

Keep Information Moving with GlobalAction®

A workflow automation solution that enables users to map document activities, from data capture to archival, for end-to-end process visibility.

Features & Benefits

GlobalAction delivers enhanced Business Process Management functionality, redefining organizational efficiency with workflows that enforce business rules while allowing for global participation.

Web-Based Designer

A web-based graphical presentation of your document makes it easy to create, troubleshoot or revise a workflow activity anytime, from anywhere.

Web Forms Management

Insert a web form into any workflow, creating a link to an eForm, where users can seamlessly enter information. A PDF record of the completed form is automatically documented.

Automated Notifications

With GlobalAction, you can send automatic email reminders to users once a day, once an hour or once a minute based on your schedule.

Real Time Analytics

GlobalAnalytics adds business intelligence to your workflows by providing on demand management reporting on document driven processes.

How It Works

  • Business Process Management Workflow

    Map your Process

    Via an easy to use web-based platform, design document lifecycle activities with a simple drag and drop interface that establishes a beginning and end for each action within a workflow.

  • Business Process Management

    Define The Flow of Information

    Connect the activities into a logical progression that flows based on static information or dynamically entered user input.

  • Secure Business Process Management

    Secure Process Access

    Now that a workflow is designed, queues can also be created for sub-processes specific to individual users and security parameters, enforcing compliance and setting guidelines for what a user can see or do.

  • Enforcing Business Rules

    Enforce Business Rules

    Ensure organizational adherence to your process and procedures by defining the exact steps to be followed.

  • GlobalAction Notifications

    Keep Everyone Informed

    With in-process notifications, everyone is kept informed of their pending activities. GlobalAction can even accelerate notification schedules based on critical timelines.

  • Maintain Critical Business Insight

    Maintain Critical Insight

    GlobalAnalytics adds a new level of visibility to your document management processes by showing exactly where and for how long information is within a process, allowing for improved business intelligence.

  • Share Business Intelligence

    Share Business Intelligence

    Valuable data gathered during business processes can now be easily shared with other business applications.

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Featured Case Study:

Authorized Reseller MOS Implements Square 9’s Solutions Internally

GlobalSearch has enabled Authorized Reseller Michigan Office Solutions (MOS) to increase employee productivity by 31% while reducing the costs associated with paper and printing. MOS now has a scalable solution for managing and distributing business documents with security, compliance and speed.