How Capture Automation Software Paves the Path to Efficiency

In today’s increasingly competitive world, it’s essential to measure daily productivity. To keep pace, your business needs to run as efficiently as possible, especially when time and resources are limited. It is up to you to take advantage of the ideal opportunity to work smarter, not harder.


So how do we work smarter? By eliminating the inefficiency of paper-based processes through capture automation software, which enables any business to sustain a competitive advantage. A web-based capture automation solution automatically captures, extracts and routes data for greater business intelligence. The result is reduced costs and less time taken to make impactful business decisions.

A good approach to understanding if capture automation software is right for your organization is to evaluate your common business challenges and then see how document capture can solve those pain points. Let’s explore common business challenges and the solutions document capture software provides:

Challenge: Eliminating inefficient paper processing tasks that are not only time-consuming, but costly.

Solution: Taking the paper out of daily processes, capture automation software eliminates the high costs of administrative labor. Document capture software automatically detects and extracts high-value data, notifying users of document actions so that work can be completed without delay. By automating the extraction process, manual data entry is eliminated, allowing your business to save a significant amount of time and labor costs. Offering absolutely no limitations on page count volumes, capture software uses your existing office equipment, including production scanners and multi-function printers, to cost-effectively transform paper-based activities into workflow enabled processes.

Challenge: Struggling to convert PDF or paper-based documents into a format that can be edited and revised is frustrating. In addition, separating, classifying and extracting document information can take a lot of time and resources.

Solution: As a key element of document capture, automatic data extraction converts captured documents into Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, rich-text or text-searchable PDF format. Regardless of file type, your image-based documents are instantly transformed for simplified search and retrieval, contributing to improved customer service. Additionally, different documents can be automatically classified by type to streamline routing and filing. This automated classification process greatly reduces the time it takes to organize documents when scanning. By leveraging barcodes or optical character recognition (OCR) technology, critical information can be instantly extracted off a document and exported to your business applications without manual intervention.

Challenge: Time consuming, error-prone efforts of working with paper-based document information between multiple existing business programs.

Solution: With capture automation, users can send business documents to a network share or to any existing document management solution. Advanced capture software will publish data into your most used line of business applications, including CRM platforms, ERP systems and accounting software programs. With capture automation your employees are no longer required to manually re-type data between programs. Document capture software automatically routes data and documents based on information you’ve extracted to a shared network location, CSV or Microsoft SQL Server, automatically creating folders based on parameters you set. In the most simple terms, capture automation works as a network traffic cop for directing documents to their appropriate digital location. If your needs change and your business purchases new software programs, the capture solution can be easily configured to work with the new applications.

Challenge: Finding an affordable, highly effective solution that will grow with the needs of your organization.

Solution: Capture automation software is unique in many ways. It can be used with any ECM platform, scaling from the most basic functionality, to more advanced features that handle large volumes of documents at the enterprise level. Growing with the needs of your organization, document capture software offers the opportunity to easily scale up with more processes or higher paper volumes by adding powerful feature functionality. Designed with the ability to evolve alongside business growth, organizations can add additional processor cores for higher volume environments or add features like Email Capture, or advanced data extraction tools like unstructured OCR, to increase the value of their solution. Organizations are always provided with the option to add advanced functionality to enhance daily capture capabilities.

Implementing capture automation can enable a business to understand, evaluate, and apply document workflow techniques that allow you to work smarter, faster and more effectively. Document capture automation combines versatility and simplicity into essential capture needs through one singular, powerful solution. Stay tuned for our next blog post, or contact Square 9 for a brief demonstration of document capture in action.

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