Square 9 Live Class

Learn how to install, deploy & support GlobalSearch and GlobalCapture with this live class.

3-Day Live Courses:

July 16 – July 18, 2024

October 8 – October 10, 2024


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About this course

Using discussions, demonstrations, and activities you will learn how to deploy pre-configured and custom Square 9 solutions.   The course will reinforce and build upon the concepts presented in the elearning courses:

  • GlobalSearch User
  • GlobalSearch Manager
  • Certified GlobalCapture Engineer
  • The Solutions Delivery Network
  • Certified Square 9 Package Solutions Provider
  • Certified GlobalSearch Extensions User
  • The GlobalSearch Cloud   

To obtain your certification, you will construct and submit your own custom database and workflows.  Successful completion allows you to take on solutions deployment.

Target Audience:

 Reseller Technical Professionals installing Square 9 solutions.


System Implementation Specialist 1 (SIS1)


To develop the necessary skills required to effectively design and implement Square 9 solutions.  By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Deploy DirectConnect and CTS DirectConnect.
  2. Construct and implement a custom GlobalSearch solution.
  3. Construct and implement a custom GlobalCapture solution.
  4. Utilize tools to efficiently transport databases and workflows.
  5. Deploy pre-built Square 9 solutions.


Three Day Live Video Conference, 10 AM to 4 PM Eastern Time


Contact your Regional Sales Manager for more details.


All attendees must have completed:

Reseller Technical Expert: Level 1 Education Roadmap:

  1. GlobalSearch User
  2. GlobalSearch Manager
  3. Certified GlobalSearch Extensions User
  4. The Solutions Delivery Network
  5. Certified Square 9 Packaged Solutions Provider
  6. Return to Work for Resellers

Reseller Technical Expert: Level 2 Education Roadmap:

  1. Installing On Premise GlobalSearch
  2. Installing On Premise GlobalCapture
  3. Certified GlobalCapture Engineer
  4. Capture QR for Business Essentials
  5. Capture QR for GlobalSearch


Square 9 will provide a Windows 10 Oracle virtual machine (.VDI file).  Attendees are required to have a laptop computer capable of supporting Oracle Virtual Box and this VM. 

Recommended Host Resources: PC, MAC, Linux with 4 Cores, 12 GB RAM and 200 GB of free hard drive space.

Recommended Virtual Machine Resources: 2 Cores, 6 GB RAM and 100 GB of free hard drive

The user must have local administrative rights in order to install and configure the virtual machine software they will be required to download and install prior to coming to class. The class will run on virtual machines (VMs) on which the Square 9 products have been installed.

Topics Covered:

  • Reviewing GlobalSearch and GlobalCapture best practices, strategies, etc.
  • Configuring custom GlobalSearch databases and GlobalCapture workflows.
  • Deploying preconfigured GlobalSearch databases and GlobalCapture workflows. 
  • Importing and exporting databases and workflows.
  • Deploying DirectConnect and CTS DirectConnect for document uploads.
  • Configuring Transform AI.
  • Deploying can importing pre-configured GlobalForms.

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