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Document Capture Automation Essentials

Eliminate Inefficient Paper Processes with GlobalCapture® Convey

Built for organizations looking to introduce document capture automation that captures, extracts and routes data for greater business intelligence.

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Features & Benefits

As a high value solution, GlobalCapture Convey delivers a powerful means for fundamental capture automation.

Increased Productivity

Using any standard scanner or multi-function printer, users can transform paper-based activities into workflow enabled processes, while dramatically decreasing the cost and effort required for capturing documents.

Cost Effective

Offers a unique value through a concurrent licensing model that that has absolutely no limitations on page count volumes, ensuring your processes will never shut down unexpectedly.

Seamless Integration

The web-based GlobalCapture Convey acts as a universal point of entry for documents from all your devices. Using the equipment you already have including production scanners or multi-function printers, to transform paper-based activities into workflow enabled processes.

Scales to Your Needs

While GlobalCapture Convey handles all basic capture functions, it was designed with the ability to evolve with the needs of your organization. You can add additional processor cores for higher volume environments or add features like Email Capture to increase the value of their solution.

Extended Functionality

GlobalCapture Convey PLUS builds off the core functionality in Convey, including all capture, conversion, extraction, routing, notification and release capabilities, plus these extended functionalities.

The Path to Increased Document Efficiency

GlobalCapture Convey captures, extracts and routes documents, converting valuable data into actionable information, allowing you to work with a greater level of intelligence.

  • Square 9 GlobalSearch Capture


    GlobalCapture Convey acts as a universal point of entry for documents from all your devices; desktop scanners, multifunctional printers, or even a watched network directory.

  • Convert Document Type Software


    Transform documents into information you can use by effortlessly converting your scanned documents into text searchable PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel format.

  • Square 9 GlobalCapture Extract


    Eliminate the effort of data entry with KeyFree Indexing and Barcode Recognition to extract high value information from your documents and share it with other business applications

  • Integrated Solutions


    GlobalCapture Convey routes your documents automatically to a network location or it will automatically create a new folder on the fly based on the information you’ve extracted.

  • Document Capture Notifications


    With GlobalCapture Convey’s automated email notifications, your users will always know when a new document arrives or when it needs their attention during the capture process.

  • Contract Collaboration Retrieval


    In addition to a file share release, GlobalCapture Convey can also send your documents to any document management solution that supports Image/CSV, XML or database import.

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