Document Capture Automation: Scanning Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

According to AIIM research, 43% of respondents say removal of paper from processes should be a constant objective. So why not start where paper processes meet digital efficiency – at the scanner. Whether you’re scanning from a multifunctional printer or a production scanner, having a universal point of entry for documents makes solving common business pain points much easier. Once that’s established, it’s time to start reaping the real benefits with the power of Document Capture Automation. With the click of a button, you can quickly capture, extract and route your critical business information, providing your organization with immediate efficiency that leads to long-term benefits.


To better understand whether or not your organization is ready to start taking advantage of capture automation, let’s ask ourselves three questions:

Are daily paper-based processes costing your organization both time and money?

All organizations have time intensive projects that are accompanied by limitations when dealing with a high volume of documents, such as manual data entry, search and retrieval of documents and managing unwanted storage costs. These inefficiencies dramatically increase costs and effort that could be better spent on making more important decisions. However, by implementing capture automation, all your information can be separated, classified, extracted and then routed to users who are notified of pending documents. Whether your organization needs basic capture tools or advanced functionality, capture automation turns all paper-based activities into workflow enabled processes using the office equipment you already have. This improves productivity, collaboration and significantly decreases labor costs. The result allows your team to work smarter, faster and more effectively.

Are you having trouble sharing critical business information in a timely, efficient manner?

For almost all organizations, collaboration is a key to success, and ensuring your team is working smarter, not harder, is essential. With capture automation, documents can be sent to any Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, routed to a network location, or, new folders can be created on the fly if no destination is set.  To make things even easier, when new documents arrive, automatic notifications are sent to specific users, so changes, approvals, and signatures can be made quickly, efficiently and without delay. Not only can documents be shared across business applications, but scanned documents are automatically converted into Microsoft® Word, Excel, RTF or text searchable PDF formats, making editing and collaborating on documents, simple and effective.

Do you need a solution that will grow with the needs of your organization?

Whether your organization is small, medium or enterprise level, as high volumes of paper come in, it’s important to have a solution that can be scaled to your needs. Capture automation is designed to evolve alongside your organization. Whether starting with capture essentials or advanced data extraction, capture automation software increases its value over time, by providing you with additional features as the need arises. With no limitations on page count volumes, processes will never shut down unexpectedly, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. You can also add additional processor cores as your organization grows and experiences a higher volume of documents.

Scanning documents with the power of capture automation software not only address many of your business challenges, but it provides an essential, scalable, and cost effective solution that captures your complex business data, turning information into intelligence. Together, these solutions make it easier for you and your employees to work more efficiently and sustain business growth over the long-term future. Now it’s time to ask yourself the most important question. Are you ready to work more productively? Contact Square 9 Softworks today to get started!

Stay tuned to see how your industry can benefit from capture automation.

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