Cloud Computing Continues to Simplify Life

Within the last decade, cloud computing has become a must have capability for many software services. Streaming is now the main medium for consuming music and video, while programs like Google Docs and Office 365 have brought standard business tools to the web. Today, more companies are switching from using a “flat fee to install” model in favor of offering cloud-based subscription services. It is becoming increasingly evident that the cloud-based model offers tremendous benefits across a variety of business products and services,    including ECM software. Let’s explore the most impactful benefits of cloud-based content management.

  • Convenience: The ability to access information from any device at any time has simplified life for many people. Users of a product can easily collaborate over long distances, and access key information from other users or their own information from different devices. This is especially helpful in a business setting where the flow of information can make or break a company’s productivity. The convenience and simplicity of cloud computing contributes greatly to the list of reasons why so many ECM providers now offer cloud-based products.
  • Computer Resource Elasticity: Locally hosted content management solutions require the purchase and maintenance of on-premise servers. This approach requires a company to decide whether to purchase excess server resources or risk not having enough capacity during peak workloads. With a cloud-based solution, this decision never has to be made. Cloud based service providers let you pay for the server space you use, as they can simply allocate that space elsewhere while you’re not using it. This approach greatly reduces IT costs and eliminates risk for your company.
  • Financing: Buying and maintaining on premise servers is classified by accountants as a capital expense, as these servers are considered a company asset. Typically, if you’re buying an asset, it should provide otherwise unobtainable value for your company. Cloud based solutions, however, are classified as operating expenses and do the job of locally hosted servers just as well, if not better. In this regard, cloud-based solutions are greatly superior to their locally hosted alternatives.
  • Less Maintenance: In addition to the other costs that cloud-based solutions eliminate, all maintenance is performed entirely by the server provider. This maintenance includes upgrades to the servers, updates to software, hotfixes, backups, and more. To achieve this, providers use economy of scale to increase the unit-to-cost ratio, allowing your company to focus on its goals and leaving unnecessary costs to those who have the capacity to mitigate them.

The benefits of a cloud-based solution are clear. Greatly reduced costs, increased convenience and improved productivity make the cloud an incredible resource for any company. But with a cloud-based solution, it’s important to have a convenient way to upload information. Square 9’s DirectConnect integrates cloud storage with your computer’s file system, allowing you to drag-and-drop files into the cloud seamlessly. DirectConnect can also upload files to the cloud directly from your existing copiers, printers, and scanning machines, and is incredibly easy to use, requiring little to no configuration. If you’re interested in a cloud-based solution with seamless uploading capabilities, contact Square 9 today to get started.

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