How to be the Rockstar in your Human Resources Department

We all aspire to be the rockstar in our organization. The truth is – each one of us has the ability to become a rockstar. According to CareerBuilder, one-third of employers don’t use technology automation for recruiting candidates, 44% don’t automate onboarding and 60% don’t automate human capital management activities for employees. Implementing a document management… Read More

3 Reasons Why Document Management is Integral to HR

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Human Resources (HR), a multi-billion dollar industry, handles all employee-related processes that include screening, recruiting, management, and administration of employee records. As a department, Human Resources manages a variety of paperwork, from on-boarding documents to employee benefit files, and even termination records. According to LinkedIn, managing HR paperwork costs an average $300 per employee annually.… Read More

The Right Solutions Partner Gives You an Advantage

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, document management is without question one of the top considerations for business growth. But the real question is which document management partner is the right one for you? When looking for a document management solutions partner that will open the door to new opportunities, there are three must-have qualities… Read More

5 Areas Where Web Forms Streamline Data Processing

When you go to the doctor one thing is for certain. You can always count on having to fill out tedious forms as soon as you walk in the door. The same goes when applying for a job or attending a new school. Think about how many times you have filled out paperwork in your… Read More

The Benefits of Document Management for Human Resources

Properly managing internal paperwork is critical for company success, which is why Human Resources is one of the most important areas of business. HR departments are the core of a company, handling business sensitive paperwork that is always subject to change. Managing the lifecycle of each employee that walks through the door is no easy… Read More

3 Areas Where Process Automation Streamlines Information Sharing

Delivering paperwork from desk to desk, requesting written approval, manually searching for correspondence – all of these tasks are inefficient and time-consuming. Implementing a process automation solution can transform an existing routine from ineffective to exceptional.

Taking HR Paperless: 3 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Transition

Increasingly more businesses are transitioning into high-tech office environments with digital kiosks, collaborative workspaces and progressive amenities. Filing cabinets are vanishing as companies worldwide are taking business digital. The office of the future is paperless, and employers maintaining their documents electronically are realizing storage efficiencies, improved accessibility and workflow at drastically lower costs. Moving a… Read More

Document Management Improves Efficiency in Human Resources

Whether a company hires 10 employees or 500, it is critically important that all workforce-related files are properly managed. Failing to do so, can negatively impact the people, policies and processes of a business. Responsible for handling sensitive employee information, the Human Resources department must efficiently manage paperwork in order to avoid risks in privacy,… Read More

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Human Resources Made Easy

A Human Resources department is all about the people, policies and processes of a business. Responsible for the careful management of each employee’s lifecycle – from hiring straight through retirement – Human Resources is the heartbeat of a company, handling important yet extremely sensitive information daily. The key to working smarter as an HR professional… Read More