How To Get Your Digital Transformation Off To The Races

Square 9 and our partner DAS Technologies recently supported the Daytona Supercar Rally held in South Africa from May 20th to the 25th. The rally features hefty tar, mountain passes, and even several racing circuits for drivers to test their skills. Each decision on a circuit can yield cascading results, and unsurprisingly many of the decisions made in racing are applicable to your digital transformation plan.

Be Fast Off The Starting Line

Just as a good start can set the momentum for a race, so too can it set the stage for your company’s digital transformation. Quick and easy to implement changes can yield fast results and get more of the office on board with future digital transformation efforts. A great example of a change that is current and quick, and easy to implement is a touchless mail system that allows your receptionist to scan and route mail throughout the building. This can quickly set the stage for a digital transformation while limiting physical contact during the continuing pandemic.

Speed Up In The Straightaways

Continuing to build forward momentum with relatively easy to implement but impactful changes can have lasting effects as costs decrease, efficiency improves, and more workers and managers see the benefits of these efforts. Accounts PayableAccounts Receivable, and Human Resources are typically great places to create these kinds of chain reactions as these departments are often bogged down with paperwork, and ECM providers have many of their processes mapped to perfection. Because of our experience in these departments, Square 9 even offers module, predesigned solutions that can save you time and money on implementation.

Pass One Car At a Time

While racing movies tend to show the protagonist blowing past lines of cars to seize victory, real racing involves careful assessment of each driver you try to pass. This same logic is applicable to the individual changes you’ll be making during your digital transformation. Each change may require a new approach that could call for anything from new training initiatives to further consultation or even a supplementary solution.

Brake Into Corners

Even racers have to slow down amidst unexpected twists and turns. There may be times during your digital implementation process when things don’t go according to plan. During these moments, it’s critical to slow down and assess the situation. Whether these setbacks are the result of a mismapped process, an employee learning curve, or some other unforeseen hurdle, it’s essential to know where the problem is so that you can address it properly.

Have a Good Team

Contrary to common portrayal, racing is a team sport. Pit crews, vehicle manufacturers, and racers all work together to achieve victory. Just as racers need to have a good team behind them, so do companies looking to digitally transform. Square 9 and our partners provide top-notch solutions in the fields of Content Management, Document Capture, and Business Process Automation and offer training and support every step of the way. What’s more, our satisfaction guarantee will ensure you’re happy with your solution at the price agreed upon.

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