Human Resources Automation Software

Simplify the Management of Human Resources with HR Automation

By digitally storing employee documentation, repopulating captured data onto multiple forms, and enabling automatic notification of post-hire activities, our HR automation solutions are here to boost your human resource document efficiencies.

ECM Challenges

HR Challenges

  • Repetitive information on multiple employee forms
  • Records are subject to frequent changes
  • Lack of organizational effectiveness
  • Follow-up activities need to be scheduled
  • Insurance information bound by HIPAA compliance
AP Automation Solutions

HR Automation Solutions

  • High degree of capture automation at a low cost
  • Automate HR processes and post-hire activities
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance
  • Access HR records remotely
  • Repurpose data into existing business applications

Human Resources Automation Software Gives HR Departments the Ability To:

  • Square 9 ECM

    Leverage web-based employment applications and PTO request forms

  • Square 9 ECM

    Access HR records through a mobile device

  • Square 9 ECM

    Streamline contract approval by incorporating digital signatures

  • Square 9 ECM

    Establish automatic notifications upon application submissions

  • Square 9 ECM

    Automate post-hire activities including employee benefits enrollment and performance reviews

  • Square 9 ECM

    Ensure HIPAA compliance with secured document storage

Case Study

Grocery Franchise Saves Money and Improves Onboarding with HR Automation Software

Hire to Retire streamlines processing for the 200 newly hired employees of ShopRite Delaware Supermarkets latest store opening.

“Once completed, employee  packets are  automatically  indexed, saving us storage space and the man hours of physically handling HR records.”

Ben Simons
IT Manager, Kenny Family of ShopRites
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How HR Automation Software Works

AP Automation

1. Application Submission

Bring your application process paperless through a convenient online web form

Square 9 Document Capture

2. Information Captured

Eliminate repetitive data entry by automatically capturing employee data into GlobalForms®

Invoice Scanned

3. Information Entry

Data from a web form will automatically re-populate onto all associated hiring documents

Three-Way Document Match

4. Secure Documents

Completed documentation is then securely stored and available to those with appropriate permissions

Invoice Approval

5. Web Access to All Forms

Provide access to expense reports, direct deposit forms, time off requests and more, encouraging self-service

Feeds into Financial System

6. Automatic Notification

Assign employee benefits enrollment deadlines, performance evaluation reminders and more

Included Forms

  • Square 9 ECMBackground Check Authorization
  • Square 9 ECMDrug Screen Authorization
  • Square 9 ECMW-4
  • Square 9 ECMDirect Deposit Authorization
  • Square 9 ECMI-9
  • Square 9 ECMConfidentiality Agreement
  • Square 9 ECMComputer Network and Internet Policy Acknowledgement
  • Square 9 ECMEmergency Contact
  • Square 9 ECMHandbook Acknowledgement