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How ECM software works

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, sometimes referred to as document management software is a cost-effective, automated way to digitally transform how you manage your information, including the storage, retrieval, and sharing of documents to improve productivity and make common tasks simplified. 

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How can ECM help my company?

Document-intensive departments including accounting, human resources, legal, compliance, and wellness are the best places to start implementing Enterprise Content Management. Square 9 offers a pre-built ECM solution covering all these core business areas. 

You can start in just one department and easily expand to other departments or transform all your core business processes at one time; the choice is yours. And, it is easy to compliment your solution with additional automation like workflow and web forms management to eliminate paper and PDF forms. Getting started is easy. It takes just hours, and there is no disruption to your current business processes. 

Award-winning ECM

Give your team easy and immediate access to business-critical information from any location at any time. Designed to be implemented quickly with no disruption to your business, Business Essentials is an affordable cloud solution with 99.9% uptime, SOC 3 compliance, and HIPAA compliance. 

  • Available in the cloud for reliability, security, data protection, and reduced IT costs
  • Pre-built with the ability to select the tools you need for your specific business
  • Easy to use and navigate with a wizard approach reducing cost and effort to get started
  • Accessible on a variety of platforms, including PC, Mac, mobile, for anywhere access
  • Identity and access management with single sign-on
  • Secured by role-based access controls to prevent unauthorized users from viewing or editing content



What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?


Enterprise Content Management is the digital organization of your business documents allowing for smarter, simpler, secure access to your information.


Who uses ECM?


All types of organizations looking to streamline business processes and increase productivity can use ECM. Content management systems reduce costs and boost efficiency across common tasks performed in accounting, human resources, legal, sales, marketing, compliance.


Why is Enterprise Content Management important?


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) supports remote work, team collaboration, and business continuity in the event of a natural disaster, pandemic, or power outage. Store information properly to reduce inefficiency and avoid the leak of crucial data. 


How difficult is setting up an ECM solution?


Out of the box, ECM solutions take time and careful planning to implement, but Square 9 offers a variety of proven, pre-built, downloadable solutions for several industries that can be effortlessly implemented within a day.

Business Essentials provides all the tools you need for improving productivity across your most document-intensive departments.

Invaluable for both accounts payable and accounts receivable through automation of invoices and PO approval routing. This drastically cuts the time to perform a three-way match and helps to end late payment fees and keep payment flowing in.

Rest assured, employee information is secure yet easily accessible by those with permission in the event of a payroll review or audit. You’ll easily onboard new employees with secure forms and automated storage.

Protect your organization from penalties by securely collecting and managing critical tax information. Using a permission-based, SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant repository, you’ll safeguard your business, improve vendor and contractor relationships, and speed up vendor onboarding.

Organize and categorize your agreements in a meaningful way and then launch them to Microsoft Word for editing or printing. Ensure your contracts are reviewed, edited, and approved on time by automating notifications.

 by Kat Haas, Elder Care Alliance on Square 9
Creating great efficiencies for our organization!

Our old, paper-based contract workflow process had many snags - lost documents, unknown status, incomplete signatures, and no tracking of milestone dates. Square9 allowed us to easily design a system that mirrored our workflow, provided easy ways to upload documents, and most importantly - uses automatic reminders of milestone events based on dates in the actual contract. We are very much looking forward to its full implementation as our employees get used to navigating a new system and have every confidence that it will create great efficiencies for the organization!

 by Tim Boyle, Kuna Foodservice on Square 9
Game-Changing Products

I cannot say enough good things about the Square 9 products and how we have adapted our business to the entire suite of products.

 by Jill Falcon, Finance Admin Assistant, West Central District Health Department on Square 9
Easy document retrieval

Square 9 makes retrieving documents a breeze.  When something is needed it can easily be emailed saved or printed, in only a matter of minutes.

 by Linda-Sophia Danielsen, CEO, IntraVAT Tax Compliance on Square 9
Outstanding Professional Services

We had very little time to get the system up and running due to a cyber-attack. Even with COVID and Selectec (The solutions distributor) being based in the U.K. everything was just running so smoothly

 by Sheila Burak-Farquharson, Office Manager on Square 9
Simplifies Uploading and Storing Financial Documents

Details: We would definitely recommend GlobalSearch to our peers. It’s a very cool process to scan and store documents, especially for small businesses. It’s very fast to scan the documents in, and there is little to no delay time when it gets into GlobalSearch. It’s very convenient. I can scan anywhere from 100 to 600 documents in the office and then go home and index the documents if I needed to.

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