No Tricks; Just Treats! Why digital transformation is worth the investment

No Tricks; Just Treats
The thought of digital transformation may be scary to some at first glance; change often feels that way. But like many fears, once you face it, you realize there was nothing to be afraid of in the first place. So, let’s talk about digital transformation and the treats you can look forward to once you take that first step.

Stop Going Batty Over Your Business Processes

Enterprise content management software can help any department tackle its most daunting paper processes.

Accounts Payable

Processing invoices can be simpler than ever before. Quality ECM software can seamlessly route your documents throughout the approval process, automate your three-way matches, and reduce misprinted information and other errors that lead to incorrect payments. With this software, you can easily avoid paying late fees and maybe even score early payment discounts as an additional treat.

Accounts Receivable

Content management software gives you easy access to customer credit and payment terms, sales orders, purchase orders, and invoices. This helps build customer relationships with fast and convenient service while freeing your own time. In addition, some ECM solutions like Square 9’s GlobalSearch can automatically route sales orders to the appropriate departments.

Human Resources

With countless onboarding forms and other employee information to manage, human resources departments benefit greatly from content management software. Powerful web forms solutions like Square 9’s GlobalForms provide efficient, workflow-based forms that remember key information throughout the onboarding process and automatically calculate numerical data like tax information on the dreaded I9 forms. Managing the documents within an ECM solution allows for easy storage and retrieval. That way, they can be accessed at any time.

Tax Compliance

Being able to access your tax documents during an IRS audit is essential to your compliance. ECM systems can simplify that task. With GlobalSearch, Form W9s, Resale-Sales and Use Tax documents, and Tax-Exempt Certificates are all stored and indexed in a compliant environment for quick and easy retrieval. Web forms software like GlobalForms also makes filling out Form W9s painless by guiding users through the process in a workflow-driven environment. GlobalSearch can also calculate data and automatically populate additional fields by remembering previous inputs and using the numeric data provided.

Ward off threats to your data security

ECM providers safeguard your data from threats both natural and man-made.

Data Breaches

Square 9’s GlobalSearch, for example, encrypts its data both in storage and in transit and is audited for SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance. It is also configured using best practices for your industry to prevent unauthorized access to your files. That way, you can rest assured knowing any sensitive information is secure.

Natural Disasters

Whether in the cloud or on-premise, content management software helps greatly in continuing business after a disaster. 90% of companies fail within 2 years of a disaster, not because they lost a building, but because they lost business-critical information. Cloud-based ECM solutions like GlobalSearch Cloud keep your data safe in secure, offsite, best-in-industry servers. Even on-premise solutions can be backed up, and companies like Square 9 offer packages to have your information flowing within hours after a disaster.

Save a Skele-Ton of Money

Paper costs add up fast, with the total costs of paper-based processes coming close to 31 times the cost of the paper itself. Between toner, ink, postage, storage space, and paid hours handling paper, ECM software quickly pays for itself. Documents no longer take up large amounts of storage space in your organization’s building, freeing up room for other tasks, and long paid hours are no longer spent searching for lost documents, saving you time and money.

Square 9 is a leader in digital transformation solutions. To learn more about the benefits of hour software, request a demo or visit our website.

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