Benefits Beyond Software: How to Choose the Right ECM Partner

2 min • By Alyssa Anderson • Posted Mar 17

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, 76% of business executives invest in IT solutions, like Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, with the mindset of increasing revenue. While the software itself will give any company advantages […]

The Right Solutions Partner Gives You an Advantage

2 min • By Alyssa Anderson • Posted Mar 2

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, document management is without question one of the top considerations for business growth. But the real question is which document management partner is the […]

Sales and Marketing Best Practices: Q&A with Lauren Ford, Square 9

3 min • By Lauren Ford • Posted Feb 27

Marketing Communications Manager at Square 9, Lauren Ford, participated in a Channel Chat online exclusive for the February Issue of The Imaging Channel, “Best Practices in Sales & Marketing.” From effective marketing […]

How To Make Your Website A Lead Generating Machine

3 min • By Alyssa Anderson • Posted Oct 31

Any good marketer knows optimizing a website isn’t easy – it requires resources, time and planning. But managing a well-designed website can gain the attention of wider audiences, ultimately bringing […]

5 Guidelines to Leveraging the Benefits of Simplicity

3 min • By Lauren Ford • Posted Oct 23

Everyone strives to keep things simple, and people have come to expect it. Take a look at the apps on your smartphone. Did any come with a user guide? Technical […]

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