Capture Beyond Paper

Capture beyond paper – data comes from many different types of media, sure this includes paper, but it can include so much more. When reviewing different Advanced Capture platforms, think outside of the (paper) box. The Advanced Capture platform that fits best for most organizations includes a few more tricks, such as:

    • Browser based forms to collect data, used in such departments as Human Resources for on-boarding, or new vendor setup
    • Automated and ad-hoc email capture including the body, headers, and attachments
    • The ability to identify missing required document types or forms during the capture process
    • MFP Panel Integration, Mapped Drive Import, print to archive and direct scanner (driver) support for the pesky paper
    • On the fly, definition of new templates by the business users (less clicks, more data!)
    • The ability to publish information and documents to more than your Content Services application, and also publish to your business systems such as ERP or HRIS (and don’t forget SharePoint!)

There are many other features and functionality you should consider when reviewing the different Advanced Capture Platforms, such as integrated rules-based Workflow within the capture process, robust audit trail for compliance, as well as cloud-based processing.

Many of these features are offered by Square 9 Softworks with our Global Capture platform, to learn more contact Square 9 today to speak with a Certified Capture Specialist!

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