Why Document Capture is Key to Your Digital Transformation

Let’s paint a scenario. Your company has invested in the tools and training to undergo a true digital transformation. Your processes are more streamlined, documents are easier and less costly to store and retrieve, you’re saving time and money, and after a brief adjustment period, your employees are happier as a result. There’s just one problem. Not every company is on the same page as you, and you’re being flooded with paper mail as a result. Naturally, that information needs to be transferred to your ECM solution, but manual entry is the kind of time-consuming, repetitive task that you invested in a solution to avoid. This is why document capture automation is the lynchpin to completing any digital transformation effort.

What is Document Capture Automation?

Document capture automation solutions use optical character recognition (OCR) to file, route, or index a scanned document while extracting usable information. In short, the software recognizes keywords and formatting patterns in the files you feed it, so it can automatically index important information and send it where it needs to go, including to third-party applications. This automated process eliminates double-data entry and replaces the daunting task of manual entry with much easier quality assurance. An invoice, for example, would normally need to be manually scanned, indexed, and routed to the correct digital folder. Relevant financial information would also have to be manually keyed into the company’s financial system if they have one. With capture automation, the invoice would be scanned, and data ranging from the name and date associated with the invoice to the invoice’s line items and totals could be automatically indexed. The document could also be classified as an invoice and routed to the correct folder for storage.

How GlobalCapture Can Help

As a leader in digital transformation, Square 9 believes that capture automation is the key to committing to any full digital transformation effort. With no page count imposed on your captured documents and no load too great to handle, GlobalCapture can scale continually with your growing business. Contact Square 9 to find out how GlobalCapture can transform your business.

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