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Advanced Data Extraction Software

GlobalCapture® Will Improve Business Processes with Data Capture Services

Efficiency is not a one size fits all objective. At Square 9 we offer multiple data extraction solutions for transforming your documents into business intelligence.

Advanced Data Extraction Software

When choosing a data capture solution for automating extraction, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. The method you choose can typically be determined by one or more of the following considerations;

Document Volumes

How many documents are you currently handling through manual data entry processes? A good understanding of your workload is the first step in improving your processes.

Processing Speed

Are your documents time sensitive or do they have specific processing constraints? Considering how quickly you need to turn around information will help to develop best practices for your document transformation.

Desired Efficiency

Are you looking to improve your information processing gradually or completely transform your approach to managing paper? Assessing your comfort level with change should be carefully weighed.

Downstream Benefits

Feed data to a line of business application to automatically create invoices or other financial transactions can deliver a compelling return on investment.

Three Levels of Efficiency

  • Square 9 ECMGoodA great place to start reducing manual data entry is through KeyFree Indexing. With OCR assisted data extraction, this simple but powerful point and click methodology eliminates manual keystrokes while increasing accuracy of the information being entered. KeyFree OCR Indexing is designed primarily for lower volume applications of typically less than 200 records per week.
  • Square 9 ECMBetterFor higher volume environments Positional Based OCR Processing can have a huge impact on Data Capture Automation by extracting information based on its location within a document. The data extraction accuracy of the OCR fields is greatly enhanced through the use of Marker Zones which both classify the document and adjust orientation of the template by defining its attributes.
  • Square 9 ECMBestWhen you’re working with documents that vary greatly in layout or lack any definable structure, GlobalCapture’s options for Advanced Capture are among the best data extraction options to consider. With Directional, Pattern Matching, Repeating and Database Lookup zones, the possibilities for extracting data are limitless; regardless of the format or structure of your documents.
Featured Case Study:

With GlobalSearch Document Management Software, DriveTime Gets Auto Loans Approved Fast!

GO Financial is a sales finance company that provides the underwriting, financing and account servicing of used auto loans. With the use of Square 9’s Data Extraction Software, GO Financial has saved over 500 pages of paper each week by streamlining tasks through the automated workflow commands of GlobalSearch and importing and indexing files through the use of Capture Workflow.